In this day and age a lot of families are living over their means, spending what they don't have, racking up debt (especially credit card debt) and not paying attention to how much they spend. Because of this, a lot of what is being earned in the home is used to pay this debt. In this article I aim to give five tips, for families like this, that will empower them to save money.

1. Assess all the bills you have and determine what ones are necessary and what ones are for pleasure. For example, your power bill is necessary and your cable bill is for pleasure. Make a list of unnecessary bills and decide if you can do without that product or service. Then cancel that product, service or subscription. This may be only $15-20 savings a month, but that much every month adds up fast.

2. Take a careful look at all the bills you have. Ask yourself, "Do I have the best and cheapest service that fits my needs? Am I using the company that is offering the best plan for me at the best price?" Research this and find out. Then call up the company you are using to negotiate a better price. Use the other company's better offer as leverage. If the company will not reduce price or make a deal for better service, switch to the other company.

3. Consider everything you buy at the store, whether it be food or any other product. How much are you willing to buy the store brand of. Most store brands are just as good as a well-known brand, but much cheaper. Also use coupons as much as possible or join a company or service that provides the coupons or good deals for you (eg.-

4. Do you have a long commute to work or social functions? Consider carpooling to save on gas or try different routes to find the shortest way. With the price of fuel today, even saving on a gallon of gas is worth it.

5. When you are cutting back on something or trying to find ways to save money, try to be creative and remember to look at what you are saving in the long-term. It might seem small at the time, but if you are paying it weekly or monthly, that will add up fast.

I trust this has been helpful. It helped us in our times of need. You would be amazed the creative ways you can think of when you take the time to sit down and figure it out.

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