Meditating every day is encouraged, especially with the guidance of a crystal. The crystal should be cleaned every week to dispel any stagnant energy and remove any other negativity from it, mostly if used as crystals for healing.

Crystals that live on altars should be accorded the same treatment and cleansed every month. Cleansing for crystals for healing should be done as soon as someone touches your crystals. It will enable you to avoid transferred energy, be it good or bad, as it does not belong to you.

Personalization of crystals is encouraged to work best when manifesting love or manifesting money. Crystals for healing should be accorded the same respect as toothbrushes and not be shared. With crystal for healings becoming personally attuned to your body, no one else should place their energy or vibrations in or on it. But how do you care for crystals?


The safest and easiest way of dispelling energy inside your crystal is by burying them in the dirt for a week. It will ensure that your crystal cleanses itself from all the surrounding earthly atmosphere it has been absorbing during the duration of the healing process. Be it from you or the energy around you. Burying also enables recharging by the use of vibrations of the earth. To get the best information about healing crystals, it is advisable to go online at

Salty Wash

Another practical way to care for crystals for healing is by washing them using saltwater. Salt is often used for purification purposes to scatter and clear dark energy, bringing back the stone's original humming vibrations. It is good to note that some crystals cannot be washed and need to be placed inside a pure salt bowl for cleansing instead of in salty water. Some common crystals that cannot be washed are turquoise, amber coral, and calcite, among many other crystals that end with "it."

Moon Bathing

Lunar energy has been used for countless centuries for the cleansing and recharging of crystals for healing. The crystals should be left outside when the moon's energy is most active – during the full moon. To get the best results, go a step further and leave the crystal bathing in the moonlight three days before and after the full moon.

Burn Sage

To cleanse crystals for healing daily without using specified steps, burn sage and pass the crystal on top of it numerous times to purify it. It can be done after every crystal used as the smoke works to clean it easily.

Rub Alcohol

Holding the crystals during meditation or healing is necessary to gain the benefits of the crystals. However, this is bound to leave your fingerprints and personal energy on it. To remove it quickly, with the crystal using a soft cloth with isopropyl alcohol to make it ready for the next use.

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It can be done after every crystal used as the smoke works to clean it easily.