You can lead a more spiritual life.

Yes. You.

And you can do this without making any drastic changes. Like giving away your possessions. Taking a vow of celibacy. Or moving to a cave to live out your days as a beggar. In fact, you can do this without changing any of your daily activities.

Spirituality is not a boxed and packaged concept that requires an “all in” commitment. It is not an all or nothing proposition. And it’s not about a label. Living a more spiritual life can mean finding the meaning beyond the ordinary in everything we do. It can mean aligning with our true purpose so that we find joy in every step. It can mean letting go of the negative minds that hold us back.

It’s not complicated. But it is revolutionary. It is a powerful way to transform your everyday life as you continue to go to work, care for your family, and hang out with your friends. Here are five ways you can lead a more spiritual life every day.

1. Breathe
Easy, right? We’re doing it anyway. All the time. So we’re half way there. Now what happens if you turn your attention to that breath? When we turn our attention to our breath and focus it as single-pointedly as possible, the benefits that come from that simple action are huge. We can use this practice to:

• let go of anger, stress and frustration: a few moments of breath can prevent us from snapping at our partner or getting ourselves into hot water at work
• access the calm inside the storm: as the world spins out of control around us, we can prevent ourselves from getting swept up in its currents by simply breathing and focusing on the rock solid strength that can be found within
• find our inner wisdom: instead of making (often disastrous) decisions from a place of fear or frustration, we can take a few minutes to breathe and find a more reliable place from which to make decisions that move us forward instead of keeping us stuck

2. Give
We don’t have to have to give celebrity sized donations to make a difference in the world. If you have the means, making monetary donations is a wonderful way to give. But it is not the only way. The simplest acts of giving can spread happiness like wildfire. Both within your own mind and the minds of others. We can give a small amount of time and effort and reap big rewards. You can change someone’s day, and maybe even their entire life, with the tiniest act of giving such as:

• holding a door open
• letting someone in your lane in heavy traffic (no matter how late you are)
• telling a friend you are thinking about them (even 140 characters or less will do the trick!)

3. Pay Attention
It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our own stories. We live at a frenetic pace. Our days are filled with endless lists of things that we need to do, and in order to get them done we often enter a head down, blinders on, full-speed ahead mode of existing. The people around us are no longer individuals but faceless blurs, and maybe even obstacles. We lose our connection to others.

On a larger scale a lost connection with others is at the root of world conflict. The simple mental acknowledgement that others are important and deserve to be happy is at the root of world peace. Your mission:

• Look at one person a day. Really look at them. But not in a creepy, staring way that might freak them out
• Think about what they may have gone through that day. Are they having a good day? A bad day? Are they fighting with their partner? Are they missing somebody? Did they just achieve something great?
• Hold the simple thought “You are important. Your happiness is important.”
• Get on with your busy day

4. Be Quiet
Quiet is something of which we are often unconsciously afraid. Why? It is the great revealer. It pulls back the curtains of our mind and shows us what’s going on in there. And it ain’t always pretty. There’s a lot of noise in there. A lot of unresolved hurt. A dash of anger. A pinch of fear. Mixed in with some anxiety and a whole lot of meaningless chatter about our grocery list and whether or not we need to change the oil in our car.

So go easy on yourself. Start with just five minutes a day. Turn off the television. Turn off the radio. Silence the cell phone. Tear yourself away from the computer or any other devices that are calling your name.

And get quiet. See what your mind is really up to. Because what our mind is up to is what drives us, whether we are conscious of it or not. We could be letting those fears, anxieties, and old hurts that are lurking in there make decisions for us NOW. Although it may be uncomfortable at first, looking at our mind fully gives us back conscious control over everything that we think, say, and do.

5. Smile
Historically, this is the piece of advice that annoyed me more than anything else. The angry-young-woman version of myself wanted to give someone a smack upside the head every time they said that to me. But in my (not so) wise and (not so) old age, I’m ready to admit that the advice was sound. For several reasons:
• Smiles are like puppies and kittens and babies. People feel good when they see them. And maybe then they smile. And someone else sees it. And they smile. And…you get the idea.
• The physical action of smiling reminds your mind to be happy. No matter what happens. Our ability to be happy under even the most difficult of circumstances is stronger than we may think. A simple smile can remind us of that. When our face is smiling, our mind often follows suit.
• A smile is a world shaper. We all want to experience more happiness in our lives. If we want that experience, we need to create it. The smile has a magical ability to shape that experience for us, in it’s ability to lighten the minds of both ourself and others.

Spirituality is not limited to any one way of thinking or doing. We can each feel inspired to find our own spirituality in our own way, and stay connected to it so that we can experience the true meaning in our lives. And most importantly, we can enjoy the journey.

Author's Bio: 

Holly McKinley, CPC, ELI-MP is the founder of In the Clear Coaching. She is certified in the core energy coaching process, and is an accomplished meditation instructor. She helps people to stop feeling “broken” and step into a life that is a balance of dynamic success and unshakeable inner peace. Her unique approach has led her to be labeled as the “original spiritual, type-A go-getter”. Her own journey from broken to complete inspires her to help other kick start their own personal revolutions and shed the sticky web of self-doubt, fear and confusion that is holding them back. You can learn more at