You might be sipping tea in the living room or dining room and suddenly there was a spill. This could be disastrous as it can leave stains behind. Some people feel that once the tea stains are there on the carpets, there would be just no solution. Well, it is not so. You can hire a Reliable Carpet Cleaning Company and that will provide you with the best options. But yes, tea stains are hard to remove and they would take a good amount of your time.

Here’s how you can remove tea stains from the carpet

STEP1. Remove with the water

The first and foremost thing that you must do is check out how the stain is. For that, you have to take some water and put it over the stain. Now, try to remove with the water and damp cloth. If it gets removed, it is your good luck.

STEP2. Remove with Baking soda

If you feel that the stain is too dark and harsh then you must take some drops of vinegar and add some baking soda powder into it. Now use this mixture to remove the stain. Even if the stain is too dark, it will go with this method.

STEP3. Remove with detergent liquid

You can take some detergent liquid and put on the stain. Try to use a gentle brush on the affected area and then clean that particular area with water. With this method, you will be able to get rid of the tea stains for sure.

STEP4. Remove with wet cloth

You must take a microfiber wet cloth and then blot the same with the water. Try and see if you can remove the stain.

STEP5. Remove with Lemon juice

This is the most effective way to remove tea stains from the carpet. Squeeze some drops of lemon juice on the stain. Rub the area and clean it after 5 minutes with water. So, It will give you effective results.

Why would you want a clean carpet in your home?

Your home is the special place where you live and also enjoy. But the problem is that if there are some unclean areas then it can directly negatively affect the health. It is therefore vital that you take the right steps and make the maximum out of the things that you can. A clean carpet would mean a better home and it will surely give you the right feeling. You must keep the carpets in your home clean and this would be possible with vacuum cleaning and the other solutions. But once in a year, you should get the carpets shampooed pretty well.
You may even checkout for the procedures like hot water extraction. Just figure out the best options in Carpet Cleaning and see how that will help. Every home would have dirt and filth and that removing the same is important.


Here we have discussed the ways to Remove Stains from the Carpet which are very effective. And this is what steps and servicing methods are the best way for a solution. So, you can by applying the methods in the daily life of your carpets. Yes, your carpet will always shine and clean. We know that due to the lack of carpet maintenance and the knowledge the carpets are ruining day by day. Therefore, it is crucial to know them.

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