1. Ask for help –you can’t do it on your own without wasting time,
and the power of synergy is exponential.
2. Share your feelings with someone you trust –don’t bottle them up.
3. Don’t sweat the small stuff or rejection – toss it over your shoulder and move on.
4. Record your preferred TV programs so you don’t waste time watching commercials.
5. Smile, say thank you and give as many hugs as you can (with permission first).
6. Tell your kids you love them every time you talk to them.
7. Know that everyone was an innocent child who needed their parents love.
8. Feel the fear and do it anyway.
9. Get up early and exercise first.
10. Only read your personal emails immediately and save the others to read whenever.
11. Never make a big decision without doing the pros and cons on paper first.
12. Never let a hungry dog mind your smoke-house.
13. Accept compliments gracefully.
14. Keep your agreements and if you have to break them, let the person know as soon as possible.
15. Sing out loud whenever you want to.
16. If you are only a little bit unsure – wing it and it will work.
17. Keep personal things private in the office (except for celebrations and grief).
18. Words can be weapons – swearing pollutes the space.
19. Keep a balance with spirit, mind, heart and body.
20. Trust in God, but still lock up your camels.
21. Take yourself lightly and forgive yourself and others for not being perfect.
22. Be grateful and truly thank people from your heart.
23. Respect the wisdom of older folk –they’ve been there and done it.
24. Tears are the rainbows of the soul, so let them out.
25. Praise and encourage anyone who is willing to get out of their comfort zone.
26. Be cautious around social sociopaths and borderline personalities –in fact, get away from them as soon as you can.
27. Avoid drama in business.
28. Only borrow money when it is for an investment.
29. People do make their minds up about you in the first 15 seconds so look good in context.
30. An image consultant can do wonders and then you have to own the look and be the look.
31. Values shared are the building blocks for relationships.
32. Nurture your special friendships.
33. Honour your mother and father for they did the best that they could.
34. Celebrate like a big dog.
35. Set goals and make timetables to work on them – structure is supportive.
36. If you are procrastinating consistently, get a coach and make a behaviour trap contract that will lock you into doing it.
37. Sexuality is a gift to be used and not abused (and use it or you’ll lose it).
38. I am most invulnerable when I allow myself to be vulnerable.
39. Travel broadens your mind and enriches your soul.
40. Helping others is very satisfying.
41. Respect everyone’s combination of the eight intelligences as no-one is better than any other.
42. Keep learning.
43. Recycle paper, use flaps instead of paper clips.
44. Be careful of the media because they may sensationalize what you say.
45. Only put positive things in writing because negative things can be used against you.
46. Never pay interest on your credit card.
47. Confront technology as much as you can but delegate to the expert and only use one trusty expert at a time.
48. Get up early on the weekends and enjoy the quiet.
49. Wonder about time and space.
50. Beware of your prejudices.

Author's Bio: 

Dr Janet Hall

Dr. Janet Hall is a psychologist, hypnotherapist, sex therapist, author, professional speaker, trainer, and media consultant. Dr Jan has authored eight books on family and relationship issues and recorded 42 =Ds/MP3s, many use hypnosis. She founded the Richmond Hill PsychologyClinic www.drjanethall.com.au

Jan consults regularly with print media and is a frequent guest on talk-back radio and current affairs shows. Jan has a unique ability to encourage people to clarify their situation and solve their own problems with both heart (trusting intuition and feelings) and head (with logical analysis and rational prioritization). She believes that people deserve to feel empowered and allow themselves to be the best they can for the good of all.