Do you fear public speaking, or work situations such as giving a presentation or negotiating a raise, or even simply approaching an attractive member of the opposite sex? Do you have an overall lack of confidence? This article is for you! Here comes an incredibly easy “mind game” with powerful results.

Confidence! We all want that in our lives, the assurance and calmness and clarity of mind that comes from knowing we can do it! This quick technique is one we can utilize to combat those “lack-of-confidence” feelings that may arise in any particular setting and enable us to trust and believe in our own capability.

This is a fantastically powerful NLP™ process (NLP™ stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming™, learn more about it by visiting It’s known as: “The New Behavior Generator.” You’re creating an internal road map of how to be confident, utilizing unconscious learning.

Follow these simple steps, in your mind, if you will!

1. Think about a very specific situation in which you’d like to feel more confident. Think about the context. Where and with whom would you like to feel more confident? How would it be to be more confident? Would it be appropriate to feel more confident?

2. Identify someone that you can use as a role model, someone you believe demonstrates the confidence you would like to have. For example, if you’d like to feel more confident as a public speaker, picture someone you know who is a riveting and exciting and confident public speaker. Maybe it’s Oprah, maybe it’s Johnny Carson. Maybe it’s Ryan Seacrest.

3. Look at the role model in your mind, and see what they do in the context you’ve chosen. Pretend you are watching a movie on a screen. See how they act, evaluate their behavior. What behaviors are they using that demonstrate success and confidence? How do they look? How do they stand? How do they talk? How do they walk, breathe, and move...and so on? How are they feeling? Tinker with it, manipulate their behavior in your mind until it is precisely the embodiment of perfect confidence, perfect and compelling.

4. Now, watch the movie again, and see yourself in the action onscreen in place of the role model. You are watching yourself onscreen, the confident you in your chosen setting. You are using the identical behaviors, postures, words, etc. of your role model in the previous version of the movie.

5. Now, step INTO the movie. You are not watching the movie, you are the actor. You are the confident one. Feel it. Know it. Strut it! Experience the behavior fully, exactly as you’d like it.

6. Imagine yourself in the future using the new powerful behavior. You feel different now, more confident, don’t you?

These simple steps help convince your mind that you are what you imagine yourself to be. And, once you believe it, you become it. It’s magick!

Author's Bio: 

Connie Brannan is a Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist and Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™, certified Stage Hypnotist, and co-creator of Mindworks Hypnosis, a therapy practice in the Seattle, Washington, area. She is a published author and creator of several self-help audio hypnosis products, a speaker and a teacher. She is a member in good standing of professional organizations including the National Guild of Hypnotists, the International Hypnosis Association, and the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™.