There are very specific things you need to know and do to Turn Your Passions into Profit. Sometimes knowing what NOT to do is as helpful as knowing what to do. Take a look and see if you're making any of the mistakes that could cost you time, money, and energy.

Mistake #1:
Thinking You Know Everything There Is To Know About How Brilliant You Really Are

The #1 mistake I see creative solo-preneurs make is not spending enough time getting profoundly clear about what makes them unique. The only way you'll stand out from everyone else who does what you do is if you can find a way to differentiate yourself. You are unlike any other. Do the work you need to do to discover what makes you unlike any other!

Dig deep. Soul search. Answer the questions that will help you see deep into your heart and soul. There is no better use of your time if you're trying to find a way to stand out in a crowd!

Mistake #2:
Undervaluing Your Intuition Or Not Using It

Your intuition always works on your behalf. Do you trust it? I see a lot of solo-preneurs make the mistake of not trusting their intuition, or undervaluing it, when it comes to making decisions for their own life and business. They may trust it when it comes to working with clients but find it hard to do personally.

Your intuition is your deluxe on board navigation system and it always has your best interest at heart. Success is an inside out job. Learn how to listen to and trust your intuition.

Mistake #3:
Going It Alone

Many gifted solo-preneurs have independent natures. This is a blessing and it can be a curse. If this is you, realize at some point you'll need to work with others to get your dream off the ground and grow it.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded and like-energy supporters and mentors is vital to your success as a solo-preneur. Surround yourself with the best people you can find and allow them to support and encourage you, guide you and help you get your dream off the ground.

Mistake #4:
Ignoring The Experts

More than likely there are women and men in your industry that have blazed a trail. Use the trail! Don't try to recreate the wheel especially when there is strong evidence in your industry certain marketing and success strategies work.

Plug into a time-tested marketing system that has worked successfully for others and follow the steps. By doing so you'll save a lot of time, money and energy that you can use to focus on what you do best. Seek out mentors that have created success in the way you would like to create success and follow their lead.

Mistake #5:
Being Wishy-Washy When It Comes To Making An Offer To Your Clients

When you make an offer to your clients there's no room for gray; you must clearly communicate what you're offering and how it will help solve one or more of their most pressing problems.

To do this you need to start with one thing: clearly understanding who your ideal client is and what their biggest challenges are. When you really start LISTENING to your clients you'll be able to see ways you can help them solve their problems.

When you create an offer make sure your offer is about your client, not about what YOU want to offer your client. You're in business to SERVE your clients and the best way to do that is to listen to what they really want and need and then give it to them.

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