The life you have today is in large part due to your daily habits. Those habits keep you on a path you either like or don't. As they say, success leaves clues. Over the years I've observed, interviewed and been associated with dozens of successful* people and they all have the following five habits in common.

As you read the following list take a personal "habit inventory" to see how your habits stack up next to the five that follow.

1. Extreme Clarity

Bottom line...when you know who you are, you'll know what to do AND you'll have a very good idea how to do it.

This kind of extreme clarity is the result of one thing: taking the time for self-reflection and doing the work that's needed to piece together all of your unique qualities in a way that provides you with leverage.

Leverage gives you the opportunity to do more with less effort. That's because you'll be using your strongest parts to get where you want to go. This will give you momentum, confidence and staying power.

Know who you are. Know what you want. And then...

2. Follow a Plan

To get where you want to go you have to have a vision. That vision will pull you forward and let you know whether you're on or off track.

Once you have a vision in place you need a plan of action for getting there! What steps do you need to take to get where you want to go? What are the best two or three things you can do right now to get you closer to your goals?

Create a vision. Put together an action plan. And follow it!

3. Rely on Time-Tested Systems

Don't recreate the wheel...find one that works and use it!

As I said earlier, success leaves clues and if you look for them you'll see that successful people rely on systems that have stood the test of time. Sometimes these systems are handed down from mentors and other times they are systems that are well documented in books, courses, etc. For example, there are many marketing systems; which marketing systems do the most successful people in your field of expertise use? Use the same one.

The key is to apply your uniqueness to a system that's proven itself over time. Fit your uniqueness into a success system that works. In other words, follow the leader, not the pack.

4. Decision Oriented

Do you hem and haw or are you quick to make a decision?

Quick decision making is a behavior successful people share. They don't waste time shuffling their feet. They weigh their options and then they DECIDE.

Their decision making power comes as a result of listening to experts, doing their homework and trusting their intuition.

The quicker you decide the sooner you'll know whether or not your idea will work. If it does work the sooner you'll make money. If it doesn't work the sooner you'll be able to switch gears.

No matter what part of your life you're working on right now commit to making a decision about what to do next.

5. Implement Ideas Quickly

This one speaks for itself; fast implementation separates the sort of successful from the super successful. Successful people make things happen (decision making) and get things done. They "just do it".

Bringing your ideas to completion will allow room for more ideas. Completing tasks frees up space in your life for more ideas, more free time, more ________ (you fill in the blank).
Success leaves clues. Look for them and apply them to your life. Observe successful people. Read books. Take classes. Arm yourself with a toolbox full of success strategies and then apply them to your life.

(*Successful: What's your definition? It's the only one that matters.)

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