Spiritual wellness can mean different things to different people however the most basic definition is a search for meaning and purpose; the values, ethics and morals that guide an individual and gives meaning and direction to their life.

For most of us spiritual wellness is an evolutionary journey that grows and deepens as we do. As you think about or focus on Spiritual wellness this month define what it means to you.

Use the 5 steps to help you celebrate spiritual wellness and create inner alignment

1. Nurture your inner self with an everyday retreat. Take some time away from your busy schedule and create a retreat at a place where you feel peace-filled and connected to your source. This could be at the beach, the mountains or your favorite spa.

2. Create or redefine your life vision and purpose statement. A retreat is the perfect place for journaling and looking within. This may be the perfect place to create or redefine your life vision and purpose statements. We are very familiar with the importance of a vision and purpose statement for business, however, creating these statements for your life will help you bring clarity, meaning and direction to every area of your life especially your career or business.

3. Connect your vision with your heart by defining your guiding principles. Your guiding principles are the philosophy of how you live your life regardless of changes in your goals, career or relationships. It is a barometer in which to gauge if you are on target with your actions and decision.

4. Live in harmony. Decide to live each day in harmony by aligning your vision, purpose and guiding principles with every area of your life to include your career or business.

5. Have fun. Do something that you absolutely love doing and that allows you to feel connected to your source and your life purpose.

The ocean is my all-time favorite place. It feels like home to me. I will be celebrating Spiritual Wellness month by taking a few days for a retreat by the ocean for inner reflection, writing and long walks on the beach! How will you celebrate?

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