Being pulled over by a police officer in Texas is a driver’s nightmare. The situation becomes serious and complex to control when you have had a couple of drinks. In such a situation, you won’t be able to pass a sobriety test. This may further result in you being charged with a DUI or DWI, which has severe criminal consequences.

It is a case where you need one of the best DWI lawyers in Austin, TX. When you are charged with a DWI, you have to deal with two separate cases. One can make you lose your driver’s license, while the other can put you in jail. An experienced lawyer can help you in both cases and minimize the consequences.

Whether you are arrested with a high blood alcohol content or for taking prescription drugs that you should not have taken while driving, you need to hire a good Austin DWI lawyer to represent your case and defend you.

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To ensure that that the best in the field has been hired, here are some questions you need to ask a lawyer:

Have you handled DWI cases before?

These cases are taken seriously by the court and may result in you losing your driver’s license. To represent your case strongly, you need to hire an experienced attorney who has been handling such cases for a long time. It increases the possibility of results in your favor.

You should ask the lawyer about how long he/she has been representing DWI cases and what percentage of cases is devoted to DWI?

When will you start working on my case?

The best way to minimize the consequences is to hire an attorney right after the arrest. The best DWI defense attorney is the one who immediately starts working on your case to increase your chances of saving your driver’s license. Also, the professional represent you in both cases and keeps you informed about the process.

How will you process the case?

Before starting to work on your case, the attorney will understand it and provide you with options. After that, the professional tells you how to proceed and what steps should be taken to minimize the consequences. Apart from that, the attorney makes you aware of things that may go against you in the case and figure out the factors that can make the case stronger. The professional discuss all these things with you before proceeding with them.

Who will represent the case?

Some law firms have experts who meet you at the beginning of the case. They listen to you and take the money. After that, some amateurs work on your case and represent you in court. It is necessary to hire an experienced Austin DWI attorney who remains in contact with you throughout the case and provides you with the required help.

Do you have specialized training?

Hire an attorney who has specialized training in DUI law. You can ask questions related to certification with any DUI organization or whether the lawyer had a DUI ride-along with a police officer.

What can be the outcomes?

Even the best DWI lawyers in Austin , TX, can’t guarantee you the case outcomes, but they can predict unique facts in your case and use their experience to maximize the odds of having your name cleared. Apart from that, the professionals guide you on how to approach the case for favored outcomes.

In the End

Instead of hiring anyone to represent your case, reach an experienced DUI attorney, and learn in detail about the professional. Hire the best professional and proceed with the case in the right way. All the best!

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