The Law of Attraction is founded in the idea that our thoughts hold the power behind our creations. What we think has a powerful impact upon our life and on the world around us. What we think is what we create. This idea is easily demonstrated by the fact that everything that we have in our world today began as an idea in someone's mind. If manifesting our hearts desires was this simple, then why does it seem to work well for some people but not so well for others? The easiest way to explore this is to begin with the question, "What is a thought?"

A thought is an idea but what was it before it became an idea?

A thought in its most basic form is nothing more than raw energy. This energy is received by our mind and then it is given a direction to follow. We take the energy and we create ideas. Some ideas stay in the realm of our imagination and remain only as a thought. These are however still received and felt by our body. Other thoughts are acted upon and become the impetus for a new invention or a new creation. Either way, these messages are received by the world around us and they influence what happens next, directly or indirectly. One thing always leads to another.

The subatomic energy of life surrounds us. We breathe it in and out. In it's natural state these subatomic particles dance in random movement but when we influence the electrons to move in one direction, we can create a laser beam. A laser beam can be powerful enough to burn a hole through steel. The same innocuous elements that create and support life are powerful enough to destroy life! The same holds true of our thoughts. The thought energy patterns follow the direction that is set in motion with our mind. Let's take a look at the energy of electricity to demonstrate this idea.

Our homes have electrical outlets for our use. Electricity is available because it travels between a positive wire and a negative wire. It requires both polarities of these wires for the electricity to travel to the outlet. We can plug a lamp into an outlet and get lighting for our home. We can use the electricity to run our refrigerator or our computer. If we choose to, we may stick our finger into the outlet and get electrocuted! What we choose to do with the electricity is what makes the difference between a constructive or a destructive outcome. The energy simply follows the direction that is presented. The electricity itself isn’t good or bad but how it is directed and used
can make a world of difference in what happens next.

This same idea holds true with our thoughts. We take the raw energy of subatomic particles and give them a direction to follow with our thoughts. This is why thoughts have the power to create something wonderful or to cause destruction. This is also true of our subconscious thoughts, the very ones that affect our health and our happiness.

Have you ever had a bad morning and you think, “What else could possibly go wrong?” and something else does? Have you ever had a strong feeling that something was going to happen and it did? Why do some people seem to lead a charmed life, one that is filled with positive experiences while other people seem prone to doom, gloom and “bad luck?” I believe that independent of most environmental influences and variables which occur, it is our mental expectations and belief systems that hold the key for manifesting situations and experiences in our life. Many people are familiar with the concept of “the power of positive thinking,” yet how many of us take time to understand why or how it actually works?

What is expected tends to be realized.

Thoughts are electrical. They travel along through the air much like sound waves. If you think of a radio tower and a radio receiver, one sends the signal and the other receives and transmits the signal. Much like the tower and the radio, we each send and receive thoughts all of the time. Our thoughts will travel until they come in contact with something or someone whether we become consciously aware of these thoughts or not. Independent of our level of awareness, our thoughts travel outward and become a set of instructions for everything around us to respond to.

Have you ever thought of someone that you haven’t seen in a long time and shortly afterward you receive an e-mail or a phone call from them? You may say, “What a coincidence, I was just thinking of you!” Is it really a coincidence or were your thoughts transmitted and received on a subconscious level? There are unlimited ways that you can experiment and decide for yourself whether it is merely coincidence or whether something more elusive and powerful is occurring.

Here are a few things to consider as you become more purposeful in directing your thoughts to manifest good things in your life.

1. Keep your thoughts positive and constructive.
Remember to stayed focused on the desired outcome, what you want to have happen instead of looking at what you don’t want to happen. Realize that whatever you send out you also get back. The energy will follow the path that you have set in motion.

2. Incorporate your senses.
The more you use your senses the better it works since the subconscious mind responds to sensory information and the imagination. For example, if you want your girlfriend to call you:picture her in your mind's eye, imagine her on the telephone, hear her voice, and perhaps imagine a scent or a sound that reminds you of her. You can further imagine yourself picking up the telephone and hearing her voice on the other end.

3. Imagine the desired outcome in the present time.
The subconscious mind only recognizes now time. The past is over, and the future isn’t here yet. All that is left is right now. When creating thoughts for manifestation, imagine you already have your desired goal. Make it as real as possible in your imagination as though whatever you are wanting to create is already yours.

4. Use conscious awareness and emotion behind the thought to give it a boost. You can boost your thought by consciously sending it out to the universe. Imagine your goal in now time, use your senses, make it real in your mind’s eye, and then consciously send it out with love and compassion. When you put emotion behind the thought it gives it more strength. Realize that this works both positively and negatively so be aware of your emotions as well!

5. Set it free with trust and faith.
Once you send out the thought, gives thanks and let it go. A seed only grows if you leave it alone once it has been planted. If you keep digging it up then you are stopping the natural flow of creation. Just trust in the process and release it.

6. Accept what you have put into motion.
Acceptance is often the most difficult part of the process. Do you feel worthy of receiving and having what you are asking for? If not, what is holding you back? You can have some fun practicing your skills by sending thoughts to your pet. For example, send a thought to your pet that it is feeding time. Imagine that you are feeding your pet. Incorporate as many of your senses into the experience so that it seems real in your imagination. Then consciously send the thought out to your pet with love. Does your pet come running to you? The more that you practice, the easier it gets. Now of course if you have any doubt it makes everything more difficult because doubt will block the process from happening. Doubt is also a thought.

Use your imagination and experiment for yourself. The options are limitless. Imagine a parking space waiting for you; you may be surprised. Imagine getting the job that you want and make it real in your body; experience it. As with any new skill, you may make mistakes. Learn from them and keep practicing. Let your mind be relaxed, open, receptive and curious. If you try too hard to force manifestation, it tends to backfire. Again, trust and faith are important factors to incorporate. With practice and repetition you'll find it is easier for you to create positive and rewarding results for yourself.

Our thoughts not only influence the world around us but also greatly influence the world within us. Thoughts are powerful enough to affect our energy levels, our health and our behaviors. One thought triggers between seven and ten million different reactions in our body. Thoughts release chemicals,the very ones which are related to the thought. These chemicals create a certain feeling and the feeling leads to a particular behavior. When we pay attention to what we think and we hold constructive thoughts and beliefs, we boost our immune system and we can even learn how to alter the chemicals that enter our bloodstream. When we learn to work constructively with our mind, our good thoughts can help to manifest vibrant health, success and a joyful, meaningful life.

Roberta A. Swartz

Author's Bio: 

Roberta Swartz has worked as a Clinical Hypnotherapist for over 28 years. She has helped thousands of people with real health problems, emotional difficulties, troubled relationships and spiritual limitations, learn how to help themselves.