In the fourth article in this series, I asked the question: “What’s holding me back?” In that article, I enumerated a number of influences that are holding our vibration down, preventing us from expanding our consciousness and from developing our spirit¬uality. In the fifth article, I elaborated on the role of the Ego and in this one, I will expand on the six Third Density systems that are doing the same thing. Each of these systems has been built to keep our vibration within the 3D range and each is constructed to encourage behaviour that is in direct contrast to our true nature.

These systems are:
1. The Financial System: Our true nature is one of abundance. This system is built upon the premise of scarcity and tells us that there is never enough. It creates fear that we will run out of resources, it encourages debt and it keeps us in a state of confusion because the system is so complex that very few people truly understand it. In this state of perpetual scrambling to survive, our vibration is severely suppressed.
2. The Education System: As spiritual beings we have access to universal wis¬dom but, in our third dimension of reality, we have created a system that is based upon the idea that we are ignorant and lack wisdom. We have set up a great pressure to pass courses, get high marks, and achieve degrees to qualify for a job so that we can survive. This fear-based system helps immensely to keep our vibration within the 3D range.
3. The Religion System: Our true nature is that we are one with the Creator. Most religions teach fear of God, that we are separate from God and that God’s love is conditional upon us following the rules set up by these various religions. What do you think this does to our vibration?
4. The Food and Water System: Food was originally designed to give us energy. Today, it is designed for convenience and taste. Most of what we eat today takes more energy to work through the digestive system than it actu¬ally gives us. Water too, was designed to nourish and cleanse us but today, with the added sugar, other chemicals and pollution, much of it contributes to disease, which of course, lowers our vibration.
5. The Medical System: Weakness, pain, fear and illness are all opposite to our true nature and we created this system to give us a very full experience of these conditions. Our medical system seldom looks for the root causes of disease in our thoughts and emotions but, instead, treats the symptoms, and does so largely with pharmaceuticals, many of which keep us in a state of illness and vulnerability. When you’re sick, how do you think your vibration is doing?
6. The Media System: This system transcends the other five by supporting each of them through advertising, which continually drums into us that we are not good enough if we are not buying into each of these systems. The Media system also provides us with the news. You have probably observed that most news is negative and, by now, you should have a pretty good sense of what that does to your vibration.

So, those are the six 3D systems that we have created to keep our vibration in the third density range until we have had all of the experiences and have learned all of the lessons that the third density has to offer.

Now the good news is that we are starting to wake up and realize just how these systems work and what they are doing to us. My next article will expand on this waking up idea and talk about the shift in consciousness that is upon us as we are coming to the end of our third dimensional experience and are getting ready to graduate to the fourth density or fourth dimension of consciousness that we call Enlightenment.
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Peter Dennis, B. Comm., B. Ed., M.B.A. is the Past President of the Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce, The Human Resources Professionals Association of Windsor and District, and The Ontario Chapter of The International Graphoanalysis Society.

Peter is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, a Meditation Teacher and a personal coach. He has been a Human Resources executive with major business organizations, and as a university lecturer and college professor, he has taught HR Management, Emotional Intelligence, Metaphysics, Handwriting Analysis and Self-reliance. Peter continues to write, give talks and work with individuals.