Termites have long been an enemy of the household. They multiply faster than your money and they cause a real deal of damages on millions of properties across Australia. So if you had enough with those wood dust and holes, you can make use of these tips on how to kill termites.

I know that your home is one of your valued possessions and I can’t imagine if termites start to invade mine. Every piece of wood is the product of sweat, tears, and blood. So without too much drama and fluff, here are some ways that you can get those termites all knocked down?


Though termites love moist, they actually hate it when it starts to be too much. If you are able to trace the path of these insects like mud-tubes in your soil bed, you can scrape and dig the surface. After that, drown the pest with water until they finally float dead.

This way, you get to shock the colony with gushing water. If you have seen the movie ‘Ants ‘, you can picture what I mean. Be sure that the path will not lead somewhere inside your house. Because if it does, you might need to clean a bigger mess instead of just caring about how to kill termites.


I know that it sounds like a Dracula thing, but letting the sun penetrate your window or door can dry the moist in your wooden furniture or pieces. That way, termites will also lose the moisture in the bodies that will lead to their death.

Do this regularly by letting your window open. Just be watchful of the rain as dampness can bring back the strength to these insects. Also, you can use more heat to kill them through ‘heat fumigation’. The temperature should go as high as 120F and you will see results in less than an hour.


This way is a simple trick of science on how to kill termites in the form of osmosis. To do this, you just need to dissolve some salt in water, just make sure that it is very concentrated that tasting it yourself makes you feel that you are going to have kidney stones. You can mix two cups of water and two cups of salt in a jug.

You will not douche this to where the termites are infesting, instead, you will need a syringe. You will squirt this formula to the tiny holes where the insect had entered. The salinity of the mixture will extract the water out of their bodies, thus their instant death.


Before I told you how to do this, you should know that doing this by yourself may make you violate a certain law unless you had an expert do the job. The exterminator can use Permethrin dust; it is an organic insecticide that is proven to give an instant effect not only to termites but also to other insects like wasps, ants, and even worms.

The next one is Arsenic dust. For me, this will be a good choice if you want to have an exponential death rate among the pest. A termite will die from having contact with the chemical. Since termites also feed off of each other, they are bound to eat their good, old mate’s body. The result, they will all ingest arsenic dust and die pretty soon.


If the heat of sunlight can remove the life from these home invaders, a sudden and extreme drop in temperature will also do the trick. The temperature should go as low as 20F for you to be sure that this process on how to kill termites will be effective.

Squirting liquid nitrogen on their small dungeons will freeze them to death. As they munch your wooden furniture, they can never imagine that they will have a quick trip to Antarctica. Just keep proper caution in handling the chemical and your efforts will pay off.


These worms are widely used to get rid of pests in Canberra and using it against termites can have effective results. Your trusted exterminator can recommend this to you and they will deploy the parasite to give the termites the taste of their own munching.

If monitored and applied well, these worm friends of yours can actually eat the whole colony in just a couple of lunch and dinner sessions. Be mindful that the exterminator will also need to remove the worms after the extermination. You don’t want any slimy thingy crawling on your house, right? Nevertheless, they are not enemies so you can shrug the idea of them taking the signs of the termites.

Inquiries on how to kill termites is a usual flood due to the widespread infestation that can be plague-like in some houses. Now that already you have the knowledge to outwit those cellulose munches, act fast so you can avoid further damage on your property. For more info, contact with a professional Termite Control Melbourne Company.

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Adler Conway is a professional writer and blogger. I live in Melbourne.