Ghee is Ayurveda’s most treasured dairy product that has some incredible healing properties. Let’s highlight some of the 7 amazing benefits of pure Amul cow ghee

Cow ghee is an incredible dairy item that works wonders for the health, both externally as well as internally. Its outstanding properties and flavour have the capability to enrich the taste of any food it is added to. Be it dals or khichdi or halwas or chapatti; ghee is considered to be a kitchen staple we are never getting enough of. Swapping ghee with other fattening and unhealthy refined oils is perhaps the best health decision one can make for them and their loved ones.

Ghee incorporates fat-soluble vitamins which help in weight loss. Ghee is also considered to be a helpful product that helps in balancing hormones and maintains healthy cholesterols. This dairy product has a high heating point, which means it prevents itself from producing free radicals that damage the cell function. The ghee made from cow’s milk incorporates a good amount of Omega-3 fatty acids along with Vitamin A. Apart from consuming; ghee is also used in beauty and hair care rituals too.

Dive in to know about the 7 benefits of cow ghee you may not be aware of:

1. It helps in keeping you warm from the inside: Ghee is an important part of the Indian households, especially during the winters. According to Ayurveda, ingesting this dairy item helps to keep you warm from the inside. Perhaps, this is the reason that it is widely used during the winters to prepare delicacies such as gajar ka halwa, moong dal halwa, pinni, panjeeri, etc.

2. The best remedy for the clogged nose: There is nothing pleasant and happy about the cold and clogged nose. Most of the people are likely to experience this during winters. In such a condition, you experience difficulty in breathing, your taste sense gets hampered and not to forget the headaches and extreme exhaustion that follows. Cow ghee is used as an Ayurvedic remedy to soothe clogged nose and extreme discomfort caused by it. This treatment is named as Nyasa treatment for cold. This treatment involves pouring a few drops of warm ghee into the nostrils. Doing so provides quick relief and soothes the infection.

3. Good source of energy: This dairy product is considered to be a good source of energy. It incorporates medium and short-chain fatty acids of which lauric acid is an antifungal and potent antimicrobial substance. New mothers are given ladoos made with ghee as it provides a good amount of energy to the body. Pinni is one such example in north India.

4. Source of good fat: Are you on a weight loss journey? The most common advice that we get during our journey is to avoid fatty foods. Often following such advice we tend to cut down on all the fats sources including the good fat. Proteins, carbs and fat are the three macronutrients that are essential for living a healthy life. Removing good fat from your diet can adversely affect your overall health. Ghee is a good source of good fat which is extremely safe to consume even during a weight loss journey.

5. Good for Intestinal Health: Ghee is also a good source of butyric acid which works wonders for the intestinal walls. The cells of the colon utilize butyric acid as their preferred source of energy.

6. Helps to aid constipation: Are you suffering from bad bowel movements? Ghee is there to come to your rescue. Constipation can take a great toll on your health. It can cause some adverse health issues if not treated on time. Ghee is a natural remedy to treat constipation. A teaspoon of ghee in a cup of hot milk at bedtime can effectively cure constipation.

7. Good for heart: Ghee is considered to be a safer ingredient as compared to refined oil. When ghee is consumed daily in small quantities, it doesn’t cause any heart-related issues.

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