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Never, ever assume that Valentine’s Day – that once-a-year celebration of love – can take the place of 365 days of your expressions of love throughout the year.

Make no mistake about it – Valentine’s Day is an important day of celebration for love. We don’t want to minimize this notion. But in the end, Valentine’s Day, as a celebration of love, should occur everyday – through expressions of love, simple acts of kindness, by the daily respect you show your lover, by your “actions of love,” and by the way you treat the one you love.

Here are the seven assumptions you should NEVER make on Valentine’s Day:

1. Do not assume that a dozen roses on Valentine’s Day can make up for a year of neglectful love.

2. Do not assume that a dinner out on Valentine’s Day makes up for a year of missed dinners because of work commitments.

3. Do not assume that material gifts on Valentine’s Day are more important than receiving the gift of time from the one you love.

4. Do not assume that gifts of diamonds, gold and other material things are more important than a love letter to the one you love.

5. Do not assume that a store-bought Valentine’s Card has more meaning than one you create yourself.

6. Do not assume that listening to a love song on the radio or on a CD has more meaning to the one you love than you actually singing a love song to them on Valentine’s Day.

7. Do not assume that there is anything in the world that matters more to the one you love than your undying expressions of love for them.

You see, simple things matter in love and marriage, and on Valentine’s Day! Never underestimate the power and importance of simple acts of kindness, simple expressions of love, and the value of the gift of your personal time.

In the end, never assume anything in your relationship with the one you love. Your actions speak so much louder than your assumptions.

On this Valentine’s Day, give the one you love the gift of time. Give them the gift of you. You will never regret it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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