Out with the old, in with the new. New as in “new” way of thinking. Shed the heavy weight of an overloaded and toxic mind. Why not drop the unhealthy weight by committing to a 7-day mind detox to flush-out negativity and old patterns of thinking?

Usually, when we think of the word detox, we think in terms of detoxifying our internal organs of poisons and waste. But guess what? Our mind is arguably the most important internal system in our entire body.

Yet, we often neglect to engage in a regiment to purge our mind of harmful build-up from toxic emotions and “stinking thinking”. While meditation is great in helping to clear and quiet the mind, detoxification of the mind takes mindfulness to another level.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to go on a food fast, or get your doctor’s permission for this 7-day detox program. In fact, among the good things about this no-cost diet is it’s safe and it’s extremely healthy.

You won’t have to count calories or spend money on any special foods, vitamins or supplements. And, the only withdrawl symptoms you’ll experience are the release of negative thoughts and energy. Daily practice and a “can-do” spirit is all that is required.

While it’s not probable that you will rid decades of toxic thoughts, emotions and feelings in 7 days, you will begin to renew your mind with right thinking.

The process of right thinking involves developing new thought habits. New thought habits are developed by controlling your thoughts and training your mind to entertain only positive and wholesome information.
In essence, when negative thoughts surface, replace them with positive thoughts. In other words, consider yourself engaging in thought management.

As professor James P. Porowski states, “There is no such thing as neutral thinking. Thoughts are always directed toward something ….or someone.”

Based on the blueprint in the book The Seven Day Mental Diet, by author Emmet Fox, essentially, a 7-day mind detox consists of:
 Thought control
 Selectively choosing the subjects you dwell upon
 Eliminating negative thoughts, emotions and feelings

To go on the diet, over the next 7 days, simply reframe from negative people, news, information and entertainment. Also, refuse to entertain or dwell on any negative thoughts, circumstances or conditions.

On any day of the 7-day detox diet you miss the mark, simply forgive yourself and start the diet all over. Yep, that’s right….completely over! You’re in training here, folks. Training your mind. Training your thoughts. Training the most significant asset on your body. Not the brain, but the m-i-n-d. Mind.

And believe it or not, the mind also has muscles. Resolve to strengthen your mind muscles with good thought habits. The end results are clearer thinking, improved focus, more energy, sounder sleeping, a calmer spirit and a healthier emotional well-being.

Oh yes, it’s a challenge! But, with daily practice and determined focus you CAN do it; I’ve done it! So, drop the unhealthy mind weight. Today, start your new way of thinking by controlling your thoughts and make it a lifelong habit.

After all, as Fox says, “…Your mental diet is really the most important thing in your whole life.”

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Denise is a former award-winning veteran journalist and entrepreneur. Due to her business and PR savvy, Denise was featured in the book "Steppin Out With Attitude". She is currently the Editor & Publisher of Mind Health blog.com. Mind Health blog.com is a free, online Mind Health magazine focusing on the Spiritual Principles of right thinking. She can be reached at denise@mindhealthblog.com; http://www.mindhealthblog.com.