1. Extrasensory Perception - ESP or Extrasensory Perception, as its name shows, is the way of receiving information from the parallel world with the help of some sensory organs beyond 5 normal senses. This extraordinary sense is called ESP or sixth sense. With this rare ability a person can sense if his/her loved ones’ is in trouble or if something wrong is going to happen soon this ESP alerts the person.

2. Tarot Reading - Tarot Reading, first experimented by Carl Jung, is about telling the future of a person by reading the tarot cards. Though the objects are described as cards, but these are actually a set of symbolism. Tarot readers ask the person to choose any card from the given ones. Selecting a tarot card depends on the unconscious self of a human being as it reveals the fundamental type of a person hidden beneath. This practice of tarot reading is widely popular across globe.

3. Time Travel - Dates back to 700 BC, history can give you firm evidence of the practice of time travel. This traditional concept of seeing the future or past by traveling time has been tried out since the very beginning of human civilization. It is believed that by moving forwards or backwards, a person can time travel. The theory of general relativity which justifies the concept of gravitational time dilation has been considered as one of the strongest proof of this belief. The concept of time machine has evolved from this particular time traveling idea.

4. Crystal Gazing - Crystal gazing or scrying is more like a magical practice where a person, the medium, perceives the future by seeing the reflection in a crystal globe. From fairytales to mythological stories, mention of scrying can be easily found. Predominant in different cultures across world, scrying bears a different significant for its stern believers.

5. Creative Visualization - Creative visualization is like anticipating the future according to one's own wish. That means you can use your creative self and imagine a situation. Like a film director you can imagine a sequence of events, put words in others' mouths, make things happen as you wish etc. Nowadays, athletes even practice creative visualization to focus on the aim and achieve success.

6. Precognition – Precognition is also considered as a part of extrasensory perception. Precognition and precognitive dreaming is a power to see the future in dream. We often crack a joke that if we could have seen the exam papers in the dream the previous night of the exam, how wonderful it would have been. Jokes apart, even Freud have showed interest in this precognitive dreaming and thus documented its dream interpretation. According to him, everything we see in dream has its own meaning and indicates something. If we can comprehend the meaning properly then we can be aware of its indication.

7. Palmistry – Palmistry or Chiromancy is probably the most well-known method of foreseeing the future. By observing and studying the palm and its various elements, the personality and life terms can be predicted.

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Jill Magso is a member of the Silva Team and contributes to spreading enlightened ideas and sharing teachings about meditation practices. The Silva Method encompasses a variety of powerful exercises that take you deep into Alpha and Theta levels of the mind so that you can work within your subconscious as well as your conscious mind.