Cannabis has been used as a medicine by humankind for as long as 6000 years. The ancient Chinese used the hemp plant for fibre. Since the hemp seeds were a popular and easily available diet option, they soon realised that cannabis has medicinal properties. In the 19th century, they started cannabis administration for medical purposes in the form of powder.

Lately, the medical benefits of cannabis have become so popular that many states have legalised its use – subject to a few restrictions, of course. I am not an advocate of overselling, so I won’t say that cannabidiol, hitherto referred to as CBD is the miracle solution of all your health problems. What I do know is that large percentages of people have claimed relief from a wide range of ailments.

The effects of CBD are different for every individual because every individual’s endocannabinoid system is unique. It is likely that some individuals won’t feel any effect of using CBD in any form. With that being said, it would be an understatement that CBD does improve symptoms of various diseases quite effectively. This deduction has been made after analysing various scientific researches and controlled experiments.

I am not in any way advocating the excessive use of cannabis here. If you are looking to cure your health issues with CBD, you have to be cautious about your choice of strains. Majority of the strains have higher levels of THC. These strains are primarily used for entertainment purposes.
Some strains, however, like ACDC are used purely for medicinal purposes. That’s because they have a unique THC to CBD ratio, which proves beneficial when treating various diseases. It's possible to take full advantage of CBD without having to inhale lots of smoke. You can use cannabis oil to prevent various ailments. However, the fastest way of getting the full effect of cannabis is by smoking it. Cannabidiol in cannabis can help people in several ways. I've jotted down a few here.

It helps with Sleep Disorders

A large retrospective case series was conducted to determine whether CBD can help improve the sleep quality of a clinical population. Anxiety is one of the major causes of many sleep disorders, such as sleep deprivation, sleep apnea and insomnia etc. The study found out that anxiety decreased in CBD users by 79% and approx. 66% of the patients were able to sleep better at night. Therefore, the deduction that CBD can improve sleep quality won’t be an overstatement.

Batting Addiction

It is well worth mentioning that CBD does not cause the “high” that THC in cannabis does. CBD, unlike THC, has no addictive properties at all. On the contrary, many opiates and drugs that are now available OTC as painkillers and antidepressants have an addictive nature.
Users start to increase the dosage with time, without realizing that they have become completely dependent on the medication. CBD provides a breakthrough in such cases; it gives the much-needed relief without becoming addictive. In other words, it can help get rid of your medicinal drugs’ addiction. If you’re looking for good quality CBD-rich strains online visit Shaded Co .

Treating Chronic Pain

hronic pain is one of the two most common reasons people use CBD; I'll explain the other one shortly. Several studies have found that cannabidiol in cannabis can play a part in reducing chronic body pain. The National Academies of Science, Engineering & Medicine found conclusive evidence of the fact that cannabis can be used to treat chronic pain and replace the drugs used by patients to treat pain in their study The Health benefits of Cannabis and Cannabidiol.

It Can Beat Alzheimer’s Disease

To this date, the exact cause of Alzheimer’s is unknown; neither is there any proper treatment for this ailment. A study suggests that CBD might be one of the miracle cures that can prevent Alzheimer’s progression, or at least slow it down to a degree. It is great for treating neurodegenerative disorders. In most of these diseases, the patients’ neurons start to die. The loss of nerve cells leads to the decline of cognitive functioning and motor skills. CBD can be used for therapeutic effects in such cases, without causing the unwanted psychotropic effects of marijuana from which it is derived.

It Can Alleviate Stress

our endocannabinoid system is necessary to regulate our behaviour and the way our bodies and minds respond to stress. Chronic stress is a widespread medical issue, and it can lead to the development of other health disorders.
The most common among these are eating disorders like anorexia. The CBD in cannabis can elevate your mood by affecting your endocannabinoid system. It is also great for increasing appetite and helps with anorexia.

It Strengthens the Heart

Many people across the globe suffer from the problem of high blood pressure. About 610,000 people die of heart attacks every year! And while there are a plethora of drugs in the market that people use to regulate their blood pressure, CBD provides an organic alternative that’s just as potent as the synthetic drugs.

Regular usage of CBD in small doses can help prevent heart issues and reduce cardiac inflammation. The therapeutic abilities of cannabidiol are not limited to the brain; they are also quite effective for cardiovascular muscles. It is considered an effective deterrent against heart diseases.

It Helps Lift the Mood

Mood disorders are more common than depression these days. Consistent use of CBD can prevent these disorders by relaxing the body. That's because CBD has lots of antioxidants in it. In fact, stress-related mood disorders can cause many health issues. Prolonged mood disorders can morph into a full-fledged mental illness.

Use of cannabis can regulate the serotonin levels in our body. In other words, it makes us happy! It is better to use marijuana instead of SSRIs.
It is true that CBD has many health benefits, but you have to remember that every individual’s body responds to CBD differently. Do not use CBD unless it is administered under the supervision of a doctor. I hope this article helped you get a better picture of CBD’s therapeutic effectiveness. Have a good day!

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