#1. Help you focus on Solution, than the Problem.

Many times in our life, we focus on the problem rather than the solution. A good life coach (or Mentor), will first work with you to understand the problem. After that, the focus is on solution and results. Both of you work together on what action you can take to solve it, and you commit to take the action. And in few days, you start seeing results in your life.

#2. Strip off the meat, go to the heart of the issue

There is a good quote. “The cause of the issue, is not the source of the issue”. A coach helps you go deeper into the issue, and brings out the root source of the problem. This helps to dig out the real issues happening underneath the symptom that we see outside.

#3. Ask great questions

By asking great questions, you get great answers. A very good coach knows how to ask the right question at the right time. That will make you think in a way you never looked at the issue at hand.

#4. Help you split your goal, into manageable chunks

Many time, we feel overwhelmed by the big task ahead of us. A coach helps you “chunk them” down into small manageable action items. Also he creates you a habit of how to do task chunking to easily accomplish any goal.

#5 Get an expert view to get what you want.

I focus on Emotional fitness coaching. My focus is on worries, anxiety, negative thoughts, emotional imbalance, etc. While, as a side, I give help on productivity, physical fitness, etc. There are life coaches who are experts in relationship, time management, sports, fitness, creating online business, etc. From a coach, you get an expert view on how to get things quicker than you yourself figuring it out.

#6. An accountability partner who will hold you accountable for your goals.

Many times, we know what to do, and we set goals to achieve things. But, we fail to follow through. This is because we are not accountable to anyone. A coach keeps you accountable, and you will do your work as you have an accountability partner. Effective coaching can help you see your strengths and weaknesses more clearly so that you can maximize your human potential.

#7. Have someone who can understand you more than anyone else.

Have you said to yourself – ”no one understands me”. A coach is there to be with you. You never feel you are alone in your life. A coach will be there – to listen to you, to guide you, to solve your problem, to help you reach your goals.

Coach Vs Mentor

A mentor is like a sounding board, giving advice which the mentee is free to pick and choose from, and in some instances giving coaching advice to the mentee. The context does not have specific performance objectives.

A coach however, is helping the person to some end result, the person may choose how to get there, but the coach is strategically enabling, assessing and monitoring their progress. A coach uses open questions through the coaching process.

Coaching is used when there is a well-defined goal that is based on improving skills and performance.

Mentoring is appropriate for career planning, providing general guidance, setting and achieving goals, making decisions or facilitating problem solving.

End Note : Many people ask themselves this question only to dismissively conclude that the answer is that they don’t need a coach. But highly successful people always seem to have a different take on the issue. ‘If a coach can help me win – I want one – because I want to win.’

Do you want a coach?

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Sijith Salim is an Emotional fitness Coach, Effectiveness Coach, Writer, Blogger, Creator of Global good, Mind Gardener, Founder of http://SuccessValley.com.