When you think of combat, you think of a war – a battle. Right now there’s a battle inside you...are you going to commit or are you going to quit? Too many people these days will not commit, they will quit. There are 85,000 negative thoughts a day fed into our minds. You can be depressed just from billboards, bumper stickers, the radio, and that’s without your fancy phones texting you, and that’s without all your negative friends sending you negative emails.

See, your beliefs build your foundation. Your foundations build your structure. Did you know the number one university you must graduate from is the University of Adversity? Every university you graduate from, you have to take tests. Because when you take tests you can graduate. Well, the University of Adversity, you have to take numerous tests. And that’s where you get a testimonial, the root of the word testimonial, is test. We are bombarded every day with the fear flu. The most deadliest flu out there is the fear flu. Every word people say.

Secret #1: Extreme Commitment

This is from Page 43 of Champions are Born, Losers are Made book. Chapter six is about the word, extreme. Leaders must be extreme as in extremely committed, extremely focused, and extremely passionate. Leadership requires that kind of extreme commitment, focus and passion.

The question I have to ask you is, are you extreme? People will start laughing at you, when they start seeing you go to another level in life. See, extreme athletes. You won’t see an Olympic athlete. A great friend of mine is Nikki Stone. She won a 1980 USA gold medal in skiing. Olympic athletes are extremely committed. You won’t see Olympic athletes hanging out at I-Hop having some glasses of soda and some waffles going, “I got the Olympics tomorrow morning, but I think I’ll show up.” “Oh, I’m supposed to race.”

See, right now, while everybody else is confused, and blaming everyone else, turn off the television and turn on your IV. IV stands for internal vision. As soon as you go into the hospital, the first thing they give you is an IV. They have to give you liquid nutrients in your body.

The number one nutrition you need right now with the fear flu, is commitment. People need to see you looking different, acting different. Who do you want in your race in life? Someone who’s causally committed? Or someone who’s extremely committed?

See, it doesn’t make a difference what somebody does when things are going great. It’s what they do when it’s challenging times. Challenging times build character.

Secret # 2: Strategic Scheduling

Scheduling is so difficult, because with so much technology, everybody runs late. Technology does not create focus. You have to be strategically scheduled. Control your day. When you let the day control you, you’ve lost the strategic advantage. People ask, “Well, John, what happens when something comes up?” It doesn’t come up. I don’t pick up the phone. Your daily decisions predict your destination. What you do today predicts your destination. No one just becomes an Olympic athlete. No one just becomes a motivational speaker. Schedule every day. When you lose control, you’re like a football quarterback who has a headset communication failure. Your results represent your schedule.

Wherever your weakness is, you have to start focusing on it. You need to be strategically scheduled. Do you have seventy-four cell phones and forty-two emails, but you show up late? “I didn’t get your email”, “I didn’t get your message”. Well, if you had one phone and one email, you would. Always be early. How many times have you showed up to market your product or service and you were on time and/or a few minutes early, and ready to present your business, did you closure ration go up?

For those of you who showed up late, did your closure ratio go down? When you are late, the person that has been waiting on you has already likely made up his mind about what you are about to offer him or her and the answer is simply, “No, thanks”. After all, if you can’t be on time for an appointment that was scheduled last week, then how on earth will this person go to depend on you, if they invest in your product? If you are late, then you might as well just reschedule or call off the appointment altogether. Change is not the word challenge, it’s change. If you don’t challenge yourself you won’t change.

Success is very simple. Failure is just the series of massive confusion. A basic fundamental of business and a basic fundamental of bombarding the fear flu is guess what? Get to your sales and marketing events, show up on time, show up enthusiastic, show up rested, show up focused, be there early, and show that presentation, your product, your service, and close.

Secret #3: Miracle Expectation

We are in the miracle expectation phase. Do you know what a miracle is? It’s just a result. A miracle is a result. Miracle expectation is the key. When you expect a result, and now you really want to expect a miracle.

There is an atmosphere when a storm’s coming. It’s very powerful. An atmosphere and words are the most powerful invisible forces you own. You own your words. See, a miracle lies in your mouth. Because the words you say predicts that miracle. Fear and faith are exactly the same. They are expectancy attitudes.

With words you can command the miracle with your faithful words, every day. Every day when you wake up you say, “Today is the greatest day of my life. I am expecting a miracle. I walk by faith and I expect a super natural miracle today.”

When somebody says something negative to you, I’m going to add you to my delete list. They are going to shove the dream out of your life, because if they really love you, they will encourage you.

It doesn’t take courage to discourage someone. You have the courage to encourage someone. Today is a gift. It’s called a present. It’s not called the past, you wake up and say today’s the past. People are living in the past. If your past is clearer to you than your future, your dream is in trouble.

Secret #4: DBB

DBB. The first D stands for daily. Every day. D-A-I-L-Y. Daily and every day have something in common. The last letter ends in Y.

Until you believe enough in yourself, nothing’s going to change. DBB stands for Daily Belief Building. Build your belief every day. It’s an action verb. Every day you must be building your belief. Because the days you don’t feel like doing self development, those are the days you need to do it. Your dream needs it to get to the next level. You don’t need to listen to anybody about your dream, but your dream.

“Outward representation doesn’t represent inward belief.” A lot of people make decisions on their future about what people think of them. Many of you get stuck in your belief building process. Your why has to expand. The only way your why expands is you have to take personal responsibility for building your belief. So you have to take responsibility. Ask yourself, am I building my belief each day? Or my belief’s not being built? The day you stop learning is the day your dream dies.

Strong foundations are not made of sand. A foundation must be strong enough to hold everything stable and steady during a storm or earthquake. That’s why foundations are made of cement. Your commitment to achieve your dreams is your life’s cement.

If you read the right books, gentle your thoughts, spend time with positive and successful people, and leave your past mistakes behind you, you will find that your foundation of cement will harden just like cement and it becomes stronger each day. You have to realize why that cement is settling. See, the first two years, it’s a two to five-year process. Success is two to five years.

Is my life’s foundation being built each day? Because you’re going to have that storm. You’re going to have the day all by yourself and someone looks in your eyes and says, “I’m sick of hearing you dream.” And that’s when you have to stand on that foundation that you’re building each day.

Secret #5: The Gift of Goodbye

Champions are Born, Losers are Made. Loser habits are made. It’s not hateful to tell someone goodbye rather, it’s faithful. Faith stands for find answers in the heart. The answer to your dream lies right here. It’s not a person thing, you shouldn’t be cruel or dismissive of others, but you have to respond.

Ever call 911 in an emergency? And you’re always worried about what’s the response time? What’s the response time to your dream of your why, when it calls out? You’re in emergency mode. You’re listening to the wrong people. They’re stealing your dream.

A dream is the strongest tangible property you own, except you don’t receive it that way. See, tangible property is a computer. It’s a car. It’s something physical. Your dream is physical property. But when people steal it with their words, you have to tell them, goodbye, I’ll miss you, but I’ll be back.

Leaving them is also an act of love. The best thing you can do for them is leave them, love them, and then, as you start to grow, they’re going to see you change.

Do you ever notice that when flight attendants prepare the passengers for the flight, that they talk about the oxygen mask? Motivation and oxygen are exactly the same. They’re both invisible, and you can’t live more than three minutes without it. People can’t live more than three minutes without motivation.

In the event of cabin depressurization, oxygen masks will drop down. Please secure your own mask before helping others. If you leave that one centimeter away from your nose and mouth, and it’s not secure against your face, you will die. You have to secure your motivation first. You have to build yourself up each day, first. You have to secure your dream first for two years, two to five years, and start making that change. If you don’t guarantee your own oxygen flow, then you won’t have the strength to help anyone else. If you don’t guarantee your own motivational flow each day, you’ll never have your own strength to change other people’s lives.

Secret #6: The Enough Line

Have you ever gotten to the point in your life when you say enough is Enough? Enough is enough, and you draw that line, but you never step over it?

Secret number six to bombard, to actually bombard the negative flu, the negative fear flu with positive, is the enough line. Daily, consistent, focused, faithful, expectation raises the miracle power of achieving dreams. Key words: Daily, Consistent, Focused, Faithful, Expectation. Raising the miracle power of achieving your dreams. Every day be persistent. Every day speak, believe, expect - I’m absolutely 1000%, I’m achieving my dreams. Daily, consistent, focus, faithful, expectation raises the miracle power of achieving your dreams.

I can tell you that consistency is a secret. It’s not what you do when things are going great, it’s the consistency. Daily, consistent, focus, faithful expectation. You have to expect to go out tomorrow and break records and build a huge, huge successful business.

Secret #7: The Preparation Habit

Preparation is the key. Your habits predict your future. Inside the word, habit, is B-I-T. A bit is on the end of a drill. What’s more powerful? The drill bit or the drill? Without the bit, the drill doesn’t do anything. You’ve got to do a little bit of extra, a little bit. Speak a few more words extra each day. Increase your construction zone.

Results speak louder than words, and so do actions, and so do pictures. Preparation, not prediction, preparation predicts the end results. Are you prepared for when the enemy of your past attacks?

This is the number one secret to the preparation habit….invest 1/96th of each day.

From 9:00 to 9:15 is fifteen minutes. 96, 15 minute increments in a day. There are 24 hours in a day. There are two things that you can’t stop. The truth, and time. Time doesn’t stop, and the truth will be exposed over time. Twenty four hours in a day, there’s 96, 15 minute increments in a day. It all comes down to self-development. How you can overcome procrastination, overcome fear, be able to say, “I’m absolutely fired up and focused”.

We live in the most dysfunctional, confused, running late, texting, instant messaging, technology-based world. It’s incredible. You start building this habit, for 15 minutes. Do it for 31 days. Before you know it, on day 31, you’re going to create a new habit.

Remember, your habits predict your future. And when your self-development is strong enough, your success will just explode beyond that. Once you start understanding this, you can take any area in your life that’s a weakness and strengthen it.

Secret #1: Extreme Commitment

Secret #2: Strategic Scheduling - Schedule a little bit more, because your schedule predicts your future.

Secret #3: Miracle Expectation - Are you are going to walk out expecting miracles?

Secret #4: Daily Belief Building - Every day, building is not a plural. It is an action verb. Build your belief each day.

Secret #5: Give the Gift of Goodbye - Do you know the person you want to give the gift of goodbye to?

Secret #6: The Enough Line - Draw the line. Enough is enough.

Secret #7: The Preparation Habit - When you’re prepared, and you’re ready to take the day on, your life will change.

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