How do you know if your husband is having an extramarital affair? The first clue comes from your instinct and because you know him very well and you feel that something is not right. But to be sure that your husband is really having an affair is better so look for some of the most obvious signs of a husband having an affair.

Here are 7 common signs of a husband having an affair:

1. Is your husband trying to look good all the time paying more attention to his appearance? Is he changing his clothing style, uses cosmetics that make him look younger? This can be an important infidelity sign if this is not his usual behavior.

2. He became more critical. He criticize you whenever he have the opportunity and he start fighting with you very easy from no apparent reason. This is another important infidelity sign. This is one of those signs of a husband is having an affair that are easy to recognize.

3. He suddenly is too nice to you and he is making you all kind of gifts for no special occasions. If this is not his normal behavior then it is likely that he is feeling guilty and he is trying to make up to you.

4. He is hiding his cell phone from you and when he receive a phone call leave the room or even the house. He don't want you to hear the conversation. One way to be sure is to ask your husband for his cell phone and watch his reaction because this can be a real sign of a husband having an affair.

5. He stay late in the night surfing the web or talking to the phone. He may be chatting with another woman or even looking at pornography. There is the possibility to find out what sites he has recently viewed on the net. But if that list was cleared recently it can mean that your husband is hiding something from you.

6. Your husband is starting to hang out with his friends more than usual. He even goes in delegates more often and he miss from home for a couple of days. This sudden change in his behavior is one of those signs of a husband having an affair that give him away because he have to spend some time with the other woman.

7. He is not interested in having sex with you anymore. If he usually wanted to be with you all the time in the past and now he is not interested in you at all, then this one of those huge signs of a husband having an affair.

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