Are you dreading the upcoming holidays because you are single? The holidays are right around the corner and you thought you'd have plans by now. Well, many people are going into the holidays single. But being single does not need to mean being alone.

Perhaps it's your first time as a single during the holidays. Or maybe you've been here many time before. Not to worry - all you need is a plan.

How to Make the Best of the Holiday Season

First, don't wait until your friends invite you over. You can take charge of your holidays. A positive attitude is the first prerequisite. Then expectations of having fun is the second. The joys of the season are all around you - reach out and take part. This can be a great opportunity because many others find themselves in the same situation at the holidays.

Here are a seven tips to survive the holidays. Do several of them or come up with a few of your own:

1) Go to office parties – many work parties are low-risk events where you can take in the cheer without any couple expectations. Many people might be there alone simply due to the timing and logistics of the party after work, so just go, chat, and have fun.

2) Plan a night in with your single friends. Make some snacks, trim you tree, play some holiday music, watch a movie, and chat away. It creates a new event as part of the season and provides a fun memory for you and your friends.

3) Find a party. Inquire of your married friends as to whether they are having a party. You could even help out the hosts while being part of the cheer. It's good to be around happy people – let their joy rub off on you.

4) Focus on kids. Collect toys for needy kids. Ask everyone you know for a toy, collect them, and drop them off at a collection point near you.

5) Volunteer at a shelter or a soup kitchen – before or after the holiday. They are usually swamped on the actual holiday so call first. Then go when they need your help and do what they need you to do.

6) Find special singles events. Some hotels and local dance clubs plan holiday events for singles. Look in the paper and on the web. Go with the idea of having fun, enjoy them music, take in the festive energy.

7) Make positive plans. If there is a particular time when you might be sad – such as Christmas night -- then plan well in advance. Make arrangements with a friend, go out, or go big and plan a ski trip. It is important not to be home in a funk. Put a plan in place well ahead of time and go do it with flair.

If you help others you will certainly feel better about yourself. After all, giving is the true meaning of the holidays. That is the best way to get into the holiday spirit. So enjoy the holidays whether you are dating or not. Make it a personal development goal to step out of your comfort zone. Do more than one thing on the list. Get moving and have some fun.

And why not make a plan for 2011 to change your routine, add some new activities, and widen your circle. If you do, you never know where you'll be next holiday season.

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