Here are seven simple ways to get you started.
1. Use unpretentious materials
The first thing that you need to know is that the appearance of your rustic kitchen is highly dependent on the structure of the kitchen. The materials you use in making your floors, ceilings, and walls need to unpretentious.
2. Use untreated wood
With a rustic kitchen, you want to maintain the natural appearance of wood in your kitchen. As a tip, you should use untreated wood or reclaimed wood that will give a rustic appearance. To make it modern, you can try the white rustic color, which brings warmth to the kitchen.

3. Outstanding stoves and sinks
In a modern rustic kitchen, the work area is very important, thus, the need to make it outstanding. You need to make any work area look ‘utilitarian’ as expected of any rustic kitchen. With this, you will achieve a brilliant look in your kitchen.
4. Worktops made of stone
Another great way to make a modern rustic kitchen is using stone to create your worktops. Some of the options that you have include granite, marble, or polished cement. These options create a great presence showing the kitchen has been there for generations, yet you’ve just renovated it.
5. Use old furniture
You can use old furniture in the house to make the kitchen appear rustic. You simply need to think of family heirlooms that you have, which can be added to the kitchen to give it an antique look. If you can’t find one, you may have to go to an auction center or a flea market.
6. Decorate with countryside materials
The most interesting part of creating a modern rustic kitchen is the decoration. You should use materials brought straight from the countryside to decorate your kitchen. You can find many things from the countryside to use in your decorations.

7. Combine rustic and industrial
A modern rustic kitchen is a combination of rustic and industrial elements. This duo can’t disappoint. With this combination, you will get a warm kitchen that appears rustic. You can find trending furniture that matches this style in all leading furniture brands.
As simple as that, you can create an exciting modern rustic kitchen.

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If you are planning for a kitchen remodeling, you can try modern kitchen recreating rustic kitchen using modern ideas. There are loads of ideas that you can borrow to create a modern rustic kitchen. It isn’t as hard as you may think.