Heating, Ventilation, and Air-conditioning or HVAC Systems nowadays are a necessity for air-clean indoor ambiance at homes and offices. Regulating temperature, providing ventilation, and purifying air are the main three tasks of these systems. These systems are facilitated with air ducts which are responsible for the flow of air and heat throughout your office or house. These ducts absorb all dust and debris and smoky residues from air to give you an air clean environment at your house or office. In the course of this operation, ducts get smeared and polluted with dust and molds. With the excessive deposition of dust and molds, the quality of air will defoliate and can cause allergy and infections. Owing to this health hazard, a regular cleanliness, and sanitization check is a must for the ducts.

7 indications or sightings which can facilitate you to identify the time of duct cleaning are-

If you see rats and rodents – Rats and other rodents prefer to live and move about in dirty and unkempt places. Presence of rats or any rodents in your duct can be felt by the sound they make while their movement in the duct. Such indicationsignals to have a duct clean up.

The layers of dust – If the layer of dust is accumulates over your furniture and upholstery at an irregular rate, and then go for duct cleaning. If your duct has piles of dust, then it loses its normal capacity to suck in more dust. Oppositely, the duct also starts circulating the dust accumulated inside to all the rooms constantly.

Crawling of bugs – Bugs and mites being restless by nature, can be spotted to crawl in and out of your duct. If such situation is faced, be assured that there is dust accumulation in your duct. Bugs and mites generally do not hover on clean areas. With a prolonged span of keeping your duct dirty, the bugs and mites increase in number. If it increases rapidly, then these bugs can enter other areas of your house.

Unpleasant Odour and debris – You can feel Reduction or detritions of air quality by the presence of unpleasant odor. If the indoor air starts smelling somewhat different than it usually does, then your duct requires cleaning. The return vents and filters also can discharge dust and debris if excessive deposition of dust happens inside the duct. Sightings of debris also indicate duct cleaning time.

Defect in Airflow - If the air flow to your room is not smooth or uneven then this indicates duct cleaning. Unsmooth airflow hampers proper ventilation. So if the air flow is not up to the mark, clean up your ducts.

Check your electricity bills – A check in the trend of change in your electricity bills can also help you detect the time of duct cleaning. If there is a considerable rise and growth in electricity bills, then this indicates that your duct needs cleaning. Dirty ducts do not allow the motor to perform efficiently. This results in the increase of bills.

Frequent allergies and health issues – Clean the duct if frequent reoccurence of allergies, headaches, cold and flu due to any apparent reason is seen in your family. Dust and dirt are homes of allergens and contaminants which causes various diseases. Clean your duct as you see such symptoms in your family members.

Professional Duct Cleaning Services:-

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