Is the time approaching when you will take the ACT? You’ll want to get a high score mainly because it can help you gain admission to the college of your choice. Other than that, you could qualify for a scholarship. So what prep and planning should you do in order to ace the ACT? The following tips can guide you:

1. Purchase at least 2 well-merited ACT study books. Read more info about the ACT from these resources. Look for an ACT Official Guide to familiarize you with the test you are about to contend with. You can try searching online for reputable ACT review books to reference from for your test prep. At the same time, you can visit credible online ACT test prep websites to augment your study routine. If you’re not sure about what books to buy, refer to ACT book reviews.

2. Maximize your allocated time for each section. Your study materials should contain ACT practice tests. These ought to be taken according to the instructed time limit. If you are fast and finish testing a section early, optimize the time you have left by reviewing the questions and skimming through the items. Check your work for simple mistakes. Remember that even smart students make mistakes with easy questions when they are rushing.

3. Put yourself in the place of the test-makers; understand what they want. What kind of answer choices do you think the test makers of the ACT would prefer? Make a reference to your study guide. In the English section, for instance, you will find that concise answers are favored wherein “economy of language” is applied. As you further familiarize with this process, you will find that it will be easier for you to make educated guesses.

4. Familiarize yourself with the concepts that are frequently tested in the ACT. The questions tend to be predictable in this test, and that is the good news. In the English and Math sections, for example, you will decipher that numerous questions pop on the concepts of geometry, algebra, trigonometry and grammar, among others. Analyze which of these topics are already familiar to you and those that are not and work on them.

5. Devise a realistic schedule for studying. Register at least 3 months before your designated ACT test date. You need ample time for studying and to design an effective test prep schedule. Make your timetable reasonable. It may be more workable to study for 30 minutes everyday than 4 hours in one session for a week. Set a goal to study for 4 days minimum in a week using your ACT study resources.

6. Focus on your weaknesses and work on them. Perhaps you found that you are a slow reader or that you keep missing the rules in grammar. Your knowledge in Math may be considered as mediocre. You ought to focus your test prep on these weak points. Allocate more time for them and don’t back out simply because you dread these subjects. Learn about the proper strategies for answering these questions and you can breathe easy.

7. Consider the fact that effective test-taking is learned as a skill- you are not born with it. Although there are students who have the natural ability to ace the ACT, you can get an equally high score. Think positive as you go through your test prep and learn the strategies of successful test-taking. If you can, hire a tutor to assist you, or otherwise you can join an online ACT class and do self-study.

8. Time your practice tests and learn how to apply proper pacing. Each test in the ACT is unique, covering the subjects of English, Math, Reading, Science and the optional Writing test. You have to learn to deal with these particular subjects through proper pacing. Note that every section has their own time limits and quantity of questions. Your test prep should be dedicated to knowing the helpful pacing strategies for each of the sections. Take timed practice tests as much as you can.

These 8 valuable tips for preparing for the ACT should be able to guide you. Be equipped with reliable and accurate knowledge so that you become ready for your wit’s battle in the ACT test.

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