Replacing your old living room rug with a new one?

Don’t throw it out!

Handmade rugs are quite durable and often last for years without getting damaged or worn out significantly. If your old rug isn’t ‘too old’, we’ve got some reuse and recycle tips you need to look at!

Styling Your Space with an Old Rug

Now that you’ve decided not to toss out your old rug, you can either place it somewhere else, or transform it completely to create something totally new.

Here are 8 ways you can up-cycle, reuse, or repurpose an old rug and avoid making unnecessary waste:

  1. Use it For an Outdoor Seating Area

Buying a new handmade rug for sale to place in an outdoor seating area is something nearly no homeowner does. That’s because handmade rugs, such as the exquisite Khal Mohammadi rugs are quite expensive and placing them outdoors doesn’t sound like a wise thing to do.

So, if you have a spare old rug at home, make use of it and transform your dull outdoor seating into a comfy, lively, and welcoming space.

  1. Upgrade Your Dog’s Bed

If your rug is damaged and not in a state to be replaced anywhere around the house, cut it into a smaller piece and make your dog’s bed more plush, warm and comfortable. Wouldn’t it look cute?

Plus, your dog would thank you too!

  1. Place Under Pots and Planters

Ever watered your houseplants too much and the excess water seeped out of the pot and onto the floor?

Such incidents can leave ugly stains on the floor, especially if you’ve got wooden flooring. But here’s an idea:

Cut out your old rug into a single rectangular piece or smaller pieces and place it under your pots and planters to keep your floor safe from damage.

  1. A Car Trunk That’s Cleaner

An old rug can also help keep your car trunk clean.

Simply place it inside the trunk and when it starts appearing dirty, take the rug out, give it a good shake, and place back again. This way you won’t have to worry about your trunk getting damaged when you put dirty shoes in it.

  1. Make a Bath-Mat Out of it

This one’s easy, simple, and creative.

Think of a stylish spa décor, gather some pebbles, take out your glue gun and go DIY with your old rug! You can also cut the rug to create a matching set of pedestal mat and bath mat.

  1. Find it a New Place on Wall

Replacing an antique rug with a new one? Hang the old woven artefact on a wall, add in some indoor plants, place some wicker chairs, get a vase filled with pampas grass, and enjoy your DIY boho chic décor!

  1. Upholster Your Old Chair/s

An old rug can easily result in new chairs or even sofas. Traditional rug patterns and bold hues often look great on chairs.

In case your rug features neutral hues, you can consider upholstering your dining chairs.

  1. New Mat for Your Cat

Your old rug can also make a great mat for your cat.

Or, if you’re someone who loves giving shelter to strays, cut the rug into a smaller piece and place it inside a box to create a warm home for homeless cats. You can also simply fold it instead of cutting because more fabric would provide more warmth to those little furry creatures.

All in all, if an old rug is being replaced, find it a new place and repurpose instead of creating unnecessary waste!


Author's Bio: 

Vasid Qureshi