Have you been studying for the ACT test? It can be overwhelming to think that the big day is just around the corner. Indeed, you may feel different emotions about your coming ACT exam. But you can do away with the anxiety to begin with, especially if you take ample time for your ACT test prep. Make sure that you have 6 weeks at least of study and review time for your ACT test. Here are some tips to guide you:

• Analyze the answers that you missed when you took practice tests. Other than your score, you have to pay attention to your wrong answers as well. The purpose of this is for you to be aware of what your weak points are and to work on them. Why did you find some questions in a certain topic difficult to answer? Verify them and decipher why you got them wrong. At the same time, think of a method that could have had you arrive at the correct answer.

• Work on the pacing and timing of your test-taking. Consider that the ACT test is strictly-timed. You therefore have to ensure that you know how to handle your time well. Taking practice tests and actually adhering to the time limit can significantly hone your time management skills. This is an essential technique in your test prep that can prevent you from getting anxious and frazzled when taking the real ACT exam. It will familiarize you with the actual test environment.

• Go to bed early on the night prior to your exam. Make sure that you are well rested on the night before you take your exam. Have about 7 to 9 hours of sleep so that you will feel calm and refreshed on your ACT test day. Your brain should be feeling alert when you get to your testing center and proceed to your desk.

• Eat a healthful serving of breakfast on your test day. On the morning of your ACT test day, you should take time to eat a protein-rich breakfast. Eat foods that will make you feel energetic, such as fish, eggs and chicken. If you’re not in the mood to eat breakfast, you can munch a bar of granola or a fistful of nuts. If drinking coffee is part of your habit, keep on doing so. Don’t force it if you’re not used to drinking coffee for breakfast because it can make you feel jittery and nervous.

• Dress for comfort when taking your test. That’s what dressing for success means. Take a few layers of garments with you so that a temperature too hot or too cold won’t distract you. Pack up everything that you need on the night before to prevent you from scampering for them and getting frazzled on the next morning.

• Be calm and pay attention to what you are doing. Respond to the questions that you encounter one by one. If you’re having difficulty with a particular item, don’t get discouraged. Skip it for the time being and continue on to the next number. Tell yourself “It’s going to be okay” and don’t panic.

• Maximize your break times and refresh your mind. You’ll be given 2 break sessions on your ACT test day, particularly if you are also taking the writing exam. The first recess is scheduled after the Math section and before the Reading section, while the second break is designated after the Science section and before the Essay section. These reprieves are an opportunity for you to consume your snacks, relieve yourself in the bathroom and relax your nerves.

• Decompress and lighten up after taking your test. Commend yourself for a job well-done even if you found some items difficult when you took your ACT exam. Don’t get overwhelmed or beat yourself up about what may have gone wrong. These matters are no longer in your control, so focus on what you can relish and enjoy time at the moment.

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