Passionate Self Care

One of the surest methods to stay on a focused, purposeful course in your business, relationships … in all of your life, is to take extra special care of yourself. Oftentimes what happens is exactly the opposite: everyone and everything else in our lives takes precedence over our personal needs.

What happens then? Everything crumbles. Nothing works. The entire system shuts down.

What is your idea of self care?

I bet you are thinking it is something like spending a glorious time at a particular luxurious spa hotel. Sinking into a hot steaming bath filled with roses and smelling of vanilla; candles and soft music playing. You pick up a romance novel that you bought in the gift shop. Oh you lost track of time, you need to quickly dry off so you can get to your hot rock massage. While you are in the spa you decide what the heck you might as well get a mani and pedi as well.

And then reality sets in as your boss or your assistant drops a stack of paperwork on your desk…

While it is very nice to steal away a spa weekend every once and a while, it is not always practical. So how can you create that same feeling of re-energizing and relaxation at home with just 15 minutes?

Let’s take a look at some tantalizing tips that you can do anytime:

Self-Care Tips for the Body

Create a wonderful nourishing morning ritual that allows you to rise gracefully into your day.

Listen to your body: your body is always sending messages to you, most often it is specifically asking you to take care of yourself. Sometimes this means more pampering and self care, sometimes it means more grounding and meditation.

Energize your body: many people find music very energizing. Now take it a little further and dance like no one is watching. To keep your body happy and healthy, get your heart pumping each day at least for 15 minutes.

Self-Care Tips for the Mind

Create a sacred space for yourself in your home; this can be as simple as a chair in the corner of a room or as big as your own room. Take time for yourself; spend time in solitude and make time for yourself to do something alone with yourself…like a walk in the woods.

Find inner stillness. Take 10-15 minutes a day to be still…meditate, journal your thoughts, stay in the present, or just focus on the positive.

Set boundaries. Setting healthy boundaries will allow you to find what works for you specifically and allows you to say “yes” or “no” when needed the most.

Self-Care Tips for the Soul

Connect with your soul-nourishing friends: make sure that your circle of friends leaves you feeling uplifted and wonderfully happy. Then make sure to pencil this time into your schedule each week. Nothing feels better than time with good friends.

Connect with your higher power and center within your spiritual self, maintaining your connection with your spiritual self and your higher power feeds your personal power. Strong personal power amplifies all the other areas of your life.

Connect with your heart, practicing compassion, forgiveness and random acts of giving & kindness allows you to enter a whole new level of self love.

Body, Mind and Soul Alignment

Small annoyances of daily life just don’t bother you any more and they can’t steal your peace while you are focused on self care. Tranquility and solitude refreshes your soul like the streams of a fountain washing away all anxiety and fear. You can be bold and confident in your future choices when you quiet all the other voices around you and listen to the ONLY inner voice inside of you. Your inner peace is reflected outwardly through all your actions. When you are at peace within your soul, you are able to accomplish more than you ever imagined.

Creating alignment with your Body, Mind and Soul is about taking time to give yourself the room to breathe in the peace and find your balance. When was the last time that you made time for yourself? Even just 15 minutes of “alone” time? Make a plan today, schedule in your calendar 15 minutes every day. Then try several different items from the list above to see how they feel. Did they make you feel more peaceful and relaxed? Great, try another couple items. You will soon have a list of some of your favorite self care items.

Most importantly enjoy the process, take as long as you like to learn these new tantalizing tips.

Author's Bio: 

Lori Lynn Smith is a passionate and an authentic teacher who shares her real life experiences about creating a more nurturing and fulfilling lifestyle. Get her Free eBook and Mp3