Undoubtedly, humanity has come a long way in terms of obliterating all kinds of discrimination in the workplace. With this, people of different sex, genders, races, and backgrounds enjoy greater success in their careers than they did decades ago.

However, it also cannot be denied that certain barriers still happen today. This shouldn’t be the case, especially when diversity in the workplace benefits both employers and employees. To promote diversity and equality in the workplace, everyone — and not just the policymakers — should do his or her part. As an employee, what can you do towards this goal? Make it happen with these 9 ways to promote diversity and equality in the workplace.



Go After The Job That You Want


Some people tend to underestimate what they are truly capable of. It could also be a case of being intimidated by what you see when you are on a job hunt. If you are thinking of shifting careers, but are concerned about your gender, race or background, you are missing out on great opportunities.

Carefully evaluate your qualifications without any prejudices of who you are. One of the first steps to a diverse workplace is having heterogeneous sets of employees. This can happen when people take the leap and don’t let anything hold them back.


Strive For The Promotion Or Raise That You Deserve

Once you have landed a job that you love, set your eyes on the prize that you want. Unleash that go-getter attitude and set specific goals. Never make room for hesitations just because you think your gender or profile hinders your career growth. It will never stop your success, unless you let it.

Workplaces need more empowered employees who can get what they want as long as they work hard for it. Be one and you may just inspire other people to take your lead.


Handle Conflicts Properly


Conflicts are a fact of life, especially at work where many issues can arise. But when problems crop up because of gender equality and the like — which should no longer be an issue in the first place — it is important that you take action in a sensible manner.

Resolve conflicts effectively by choosing ability over gender or other factors, by not dragging family roles into the issue, and by actively participating when opportunities come up. These are just some of the guidelines to settle things without hurting the parties involved.


Take Time To Bond With Co-Workers

Respect for diversity can be achieved by knowing one another well enough to cast aside prejudices, stereotypes, and discrimination. Foster a healthy professional relationship with your colleagues, especially the new ones who are still trying to fit in the corporate culture. Being acquainted with them will make you see that despite your differences, you are just people in the same team and company aspiring for career success. So go ahead, invite them for coffee or keep them in the loop regarding company events.


Respect Your Colleagues


Diversity in the workplace is not just a trend in the corporate world — it is a significant shift that changes people’s lives. After all, people will always have their individual profiles, backgrounds, and preferences.

If you find yourself with different people, keep your ties professional even with your differences. Simply put, respect begets respect. Never use your own gender or race as a yardstick of what they can or cannot do. Understand them without throwing shade to who they are. Rather, look at what they can do and how you can get along with one another.


Come Up With An Array Of Options

One of the tangible ways to foster diversity is to create a working environment that supports it. For instance, people who do not eat a certain food because of their religion will appreciate a canteen that offers meals that are in line with their beliefs. Another example is an office where there are enabling facilities for persons with disabilities.

More than being options and facilities, these become signifiers on the company’s part to promote diversity at work. With companies increasingly asking employees for their preferences, make the most of it by telling them what you need to see more of in the workplace.


Speak Out


The greatest moment in mankind’s history took place because of people who bravely pointed out what needed to be changed. Instead of just letting the status quo take its course, don’t be afraid to share your two cents’ worth.

More importantly, speak out whenever you see someone’s rights being violated on the mere basis of his or her race, gender, and other such factors that make no sense when it should be all about ability. It may be tough to file complaints against harassment and the like, but without anyone reporting these incidences, the future for everyone at a “disadvantage” will be unfathomable.


Equip Yourself With Knowledge

There could be no greater tool in promoting diversity than having the information and knowledge to guide you in the workplace. As the saying goes, knowledge is power. Know your rights as an employee and as an individual and what legal actions to take if these rights are stepped on. Attend diversity trainings provided by the company. Suggest such trainings if your company does not offer them.


Help Other People

You’ll never know how much a little encouragement can go a long way. Empower people even in your own small ways. Refer friends and acquaintances who have the skills and qualifications to make it in your company. Share with them what you know about gender equality and diversity in the workplace. Keep them posted on diversity trainings so you can learn about this together. Remember, diverse as employees may be, there should be a unified action to change the workplace for the better.

The best way to totally eliminate barriers is to start with ourselves. Whether you see instances of discrimination or experience these yourself, you should do your part towards a discrimination-free workplace. Absolute diversity in companies all over the world may not happen anytime soon, but you can start the change in your workplace. With these 9 tips, promote diversity and equality in the workplace one step at a time and empower everyone, including yourself.

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John Anderson is a Web Developer, Creative Content Director, and a Social Media Specialist. He is interested with various internet trends. Follow him at @johnanderson090