Kids with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) deal with enough attention issues without having to deal with anger. Yet many ADHD children have anger problems, more often than not resulting from the difficulties they experience just getting through the day.

Up to 33% of children diagnosed with ADHD will outgrow the diagnosis by middle school and 50% by the end of high school. These are promising numbers; however, side effects such as anger control can remain a lifelong problem if they were not dealt with in an appropriate way.

Children with ADHD anger should be treated from a holistic standpoint. Their treatment should cover all aspects of their lives: home, school, extra curricular activities, mental and emotional health, lifestyle, and diet. When taking in all aspects of a child's life, you can open up several teaching opportunities on appropriate responses to stress. You can show your child that anger outbursts and explosions are not the only way he can respond to certain situations. For example, you can show your child how to develop alternate responses to anxiety such as deep breathing, hitting carefully arranged pillows or verbalizing his pain and concerns in a constructive manner.

Some valuable treatment options for children with ADHD anger are Cognitive Behavior Modification Therapy, Family Counseling, EEG Biofeedback, Dietary Therapy and Exercise Therapy. There are exercise classes in gyms and the YMCA that can rightfully be called anger management classes. Not only do the children lose weight, get fit, but they learn how to keep negative emotions and stress under control. These are all behavior modification processes that do work, provided the child and family are willing to make the time and effort to do so.

Lifestyle and dietary changes are highly effective if they become part of the whole family's routines. Children with ADHD often feel singled out enough as it is; it is even more important that they do not feel that isolation at home. Gluten free diets are highly recommended for children with ADHD as well as sugar and dairy free foods. Martial Arts programs also show promising results with hyperactive children; the focus of Martial Arts is not on competition with others, but on mastering the self, especially in the areas of concentration and attention. Dr. John J. Ratey has recommended exercise as the most natural "medication" for ADHD in children.

Parents should take the time to educate themselves on anger, ADHD, and anger management. Helping your child conquer anger issues can be done with a variety of natural behavior modification therapies. Check out your local gym or Y for exercise sessions that work as anger management class.

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Bianca Tora is a writer interested in the relationship between lifestyle and the brain, specifically the area of emotional regulation and control. She has written a book on anger management for children. Visit her at