Why Is My Wife So Angry All Time: How To Calm An Angry Wife

Are you shaking your head, and wondering why on earth your wife is always so darned angry. If you are then you're not alone. In fact I went through it myself and wasn't sure if I was going to be able to save my marriage because of it. If your wife is always angry and you don't know what to do to make her happy again, and fix the marriage then keep reading for some great tips to help you out.

First Thing Is First, Why Is Your Wife So Angry

To know how to fix a situation, it always helps to know the cause of the situation. You see, sometimes men will automatically assume that it's them that they're wife is so angry at, when that's not even true. You wife could simply be mildly depressed due to a chemical imbalance. But then again, it very well could be you.

Sorry but it's true.

My Wife Was Always Angry and It WAS Because of Me...

For years and years, like the first 6 years of my marriage in fact my wife and I were both angry a lot of the time. Our marriage was in turmoil, and it was pretty clear that I was the reason that my wife was mad most of the time. If it wasn't because of me, it seemed like she made it that way. It started to wear down on the marriage even more though, which caused me to be stressed, and therefore I was starting to be angry.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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What I Had to Do, and What You Should Do Too...

I decided that me getting angry too wasn't solving anything. While I refused to take all of the blame I decided that if the marriage was going to get fixed, at that point, I was going to have to take the majority of the responsibility. In other words, it was up to me to fix my half of the marriage. I was going to start the process of rebuilding my marriage no matter what.

It wasn't easy, and there wasn't a whole lot of help regarding fixing a marriage virtually by yourself, so I had to search out and try out the best practices that I could.

How to Stop the Cycle of Anger, Save Your Marriage, and Become Happy Again...

The first thing, and maybe most important thing I did was take divorce off the table as an option. I decided to get that out of my mind, because if you're anything like I was, then that little old D-word was always in the back of my mind. In fact sometimes I longed for it. But I wasn't going to let that stop me from my goal and commitment which was to fix my marriage.

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Perhaps the first thing you ought to do when you feel that your wife does not love you anymore is to ensure that there is some truth in what you believe and it is not just a temporary mood swing or a figment of your imagination. Once sure, you need to talk to her first and take her into confidence regarding why she is feeling this way and what has made her turn against you.

There are several aspects of the relationship that could have soured over the years and making your wife feel disillusioned about you or your love for her. These include you taking her for granted; your indifference to her needs; feelings of constant hurt and many such. Perhaps such situations have continued for a long time making her change her feelings about you.

If the reasons for your falling out of grace are one or all of the above, then the first thing you need to do is to sincerely apologize to her for your hurting attitudes. Your sincerity should show on your face and your communications with her.

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Once you make promises to her to change the way you are and make corrections in your behavior, make sure that you keep your promises. There is hardly any point in showering her with gifts, etc. Love her sincerely and show her that you mean every word of what you say.

Over and above changing your attitude and behavior towards her, try and spend more time with her and share her responsibilities in the house. This goes a long way in pacifying a wife.

Take that extra step to make her understand that she is still the most special person in your life. Every woman needs some extra attention and your wife is no exception. Your sincerity of efforts would surely change the scenario and the concept of your wife does not love you anymore would soon be a memory of the past.

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When you are asking "how to win my wife back", it is likely your wife has already left you. A divorce could be on the way if you deal the problems using the wrong way and if you choose to wait, the situation will not improve too. In order to know how you can win your wife back successfully, you need to understand the reasons why she left you and also plans on winning back your wife. So at this very moment, you need to be positive and patient, you will see a change in her responds as well.

- Give her space and time
What she needed the most now is some space and time to cool down. Do not try to blast her mobile phone with numerous calls or text messages, give her a real cool break to sort out her feelings.

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- Change your attitude
Your wife is definitely quite upset about your attitude on certain things. When your wife is thinking of getting a divorce or separation, it proves that something had went wrong in this marriage. It is important that you need to change your attitude so that she can feel the confidence in the marriage again.

- Write her a letter
If she is not giving you a chance to explain, why not consider writing her a letter. However, please be careful with the way you write the letter. It shouldn't sound too desperate or insincere.

Treat this chance as a way to understand her again. When she can feel that you are the only one who can understand her needs well, she will also eventually learn to work out the relationship with you together.

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"He who finds a wife finds a good thing,
and obtains favor from the LORD."
~Proverbs 18:22 (NRSV)

The phrase "happy wife, happy life" comes from the Bollywood movie, Bride and Prejudice (2004), and, though it can easily be taken as a patronising offence against wives, there is another vital, indeed I believe biblical, truth behind such a phrase - such a truth as to highlight the need for husbands to treat their wives like princesses.

Being a husband, such like, could seem an impossible task - to treat the love of his life like a princess, notwithstanding how neglectfully she may treat him. But the gospel principle resonating from the Bible is we are to serve our contemporaries as if we are serving God - without condition. God deals with the rest.

We could imagine what it might look like for a husband to sacrifice for is wife, particularly in the things he could do for her, the time he could give, and the affection, in serving her as a princess should be served. How might it look?

Being royal, princesses are entitled to royal treatment, and with the privilege of regal position, comes honour always. Never is she to be apart from honour. No matter the circumstances respect is due to her. (Yet, us husbands will never get it perfectly right - but our intent is the important thing.)

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Ask any single man this question: how beautiful is the woman you would like to marry? They will not be able to find words satisfactory to describe such a woman. They'd do anything for her. Single men hate to see married women treated roughly, disrespected, and neglected. They see an ungrateful man tending to his wife. They see a coward.

Because of the phenomenon known as "male [white] privilege" most women are disadvantaged, not just physically, in comparison to men. As a result, most women learn to expect less than most men do. This may be a hard truth to accept. But the truth is women are generally more virtuous and deserve a higher respect (we could call it "love") than most men are ready to give to them.

I can say from personal experience it has been hard to learn the importance of treating my wife like a princess. I have very often fallen into the trap of considering us equals. But, of course, this is not quite right. Any man with daughters would agree. We want our girls - our women - to be treated specially; for good reason.

Men who don't treat their wives properly reflect an ungodly society, just like those who neglect the marginalised.

But, a man who finds a wife finds a good thing, according to the Word of God. He finds favour in the sight of God. In a very similar proverb (Proverbs 8:35), whoever finds Wisdom finds favour in the sight of God. When a man marries a woman he is blessed more than he imagines, but he may not know it for years, if ever. We should pray more husbands might see God's revelation in this matter and intend on being a true prince to their wives.

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