A Special Kind Of Love

By Dr. Charles D. Schmitz and Dr. Elizabeth A. Schmitz
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We were touched today by love. It was love of a different kind. We were touched by a young man with Muscular Dystrophy who had a new friend—a Yellow Labrador Retriever.

Chances are, Charlie will not make it to his 21st birthday. Muscular Dystrophy is an insidious disease. There is no escape from it. And in the end, the sufferers of it die a slow, but early death. Charlie will be no exception. His parents know that they will lose their beloved Charlie. They love him more than life itself. They adore him. Charlie is the center of their universe.

Charlie is a young man of 10. He is so smart, creative, caring, lovable, and fun-loving. He plays lots of games, particularly of the electronic variety! Due to the generosity of a local agency that supplies support for disabled children, his parents were able to outfit his room with the electronic devices so important to a young person with Muscular Dystrophy. For example, he has a device he can control all by himself that lifts him out of his bed and places him in his electronic wheelchair. Because of the help of friends and local agencies that specialize in disability related issues, young people like Charlie have a chance to live a relatively independent life, even in their own home. His parents report that he is the most popular boy in the neighborhood because of all of his electronic “gadgets!”

A few days ago, Charlie was presented with the ultimate gift. Another local agency provided him with a Yellow Labrador Retriever named Goldie. Goldie has been trained to provide the amazing and wonderful services a boy like Charlie needs—companionship, love, friendship, and support. And talk about instant love – Charlie and Goldie were made for each other.

Ever since Goldie arrived, he and Charlie have been inseparable. Charlie loves to take Goldie “for a walk.” Charlie can’t “walk” without his wheelchair but when it is time to walk or go “potty,” there’s Goldie sprinting along beside Charlie’s wheelchair—incredibly happy to be accompanying his new friend “on a walk.” You cannot imagine what this love affair looks like. You cannot imagine the joy in a boy named Charlie for having a friend like Goldie.

To be loved by others is the ultimate reward for any human being. There is nothing more important, more exhilarating, or timeless.

Charlie has found love. Charlie has found the love of a dog named Goldie. Goldie will be his “guide” in life until death parts them forever. But imagine if you will what life without Goldie would have been to Charlie.

Life would be perfect if we had friends like that beautiful Yellow Labrador Retriever named Goldie – a friend you can count on through thick and thin—a friend who would lay down his life for you--a friend who loves you just because you’re you. That is a special kind of love.

Charlie doesn’t have much time left. His young life has been cheated by an awful disease. But Charlie’s life has been enriched by the love of friend--a four-legged friend named Goldie.

Hug someone you love tonight. Life is all too short and you never know what might happen. Think about Charlie tonight.

Love well!

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