Years ago, I wondered, “What is life about? Why I am here?” Now I know there is a way, there is a purpose, there is a greater self that we can become. We have a spiritual mission.

In the business world, companies go through a great deal of trouble to figure out their mission statement. What does our mission statement look like, as spiritual beings, and what could we tell others who still search for a meaning to life?

I offer you this statement of purpose. Test it, share it, then shout it from the roof tops!

We are emanations of God, endowed with free will. Divine energy continuously flows through us as the life force that animates what we think, feel, say and do. We are meant to use this energy to do good, so that God’s light can expand through us exponentially, blessing the people we interact with and the activities we engage in. If we invest our allotment of daily energy into negative behaviors and outcomes, we end up sabotaging ourselves in the short and the long run.

We are supremely accountable to ourselves first. We will reap what we sow, either in this life or another. What we send out comes back to us multiplied, so that we might learn from our experimentation in the divine laboratory of life. This is the law of karma, from which no one escapes. Day by day, we evolve on several planes simultaneously. There is the personality, the self we know best, through which we think, feel and act. There is also our soul, the ineffable, deeper part of us that has lived many lives. Our soul’s destiny unfolds through our personality choices. When our life magnifies the divine energy that flows through us, our soul is earning her immortality. When instead, we dally with darkness, we jeopardize our soul’s calling and potential. This is why we must strive to conquer the negative patterns we created, that have followed us lifetime after lifetime.

We have a higher self, who evolves in the heaven-world while we evolve on earth. Our higher self watches over us, encourages us and protect us, especially when we make the call and strive to do good. Our higher self is the presence of the Christ, the divine mediator between God and man.

We also have friends in the heaven-world. Many of them walked the earth at one time or another, and mastered the challenges of life here. Their souls became immortal through the ritual of the ascension. They would teach us to do likewise, and we can call to them for help. We meet up with them at night while our bodies sleep, when our souls journey to the etheric retreats of the heaven-world for training.

The more we balance our karma and serve life, the more we fulfill our divine calling. An incredibly helpful tool to balance karma is giving mantras and visualizations to the violet flame.

Then, our soul will at last reach the level of maturity in God to merge with our higher self, nevermore to descend into lower levels of evolution. Like the ascended masters who went before us, we will become immortal. After our last physical body dies, all of our past-life personalities will crystallize into a divine personality that retains the light-essence of each lifetime. We will be new ascended masters, graduates from earth’s schoolroom, free to move on through the many levels of the heaven-world.

Author's Bio: 

Therese Emmanuel Grey is the author of Miracles, Masters and Mirth: Adventures in Spirituality and Self-Awareness. Her radio show, Antahkarana interviews guests from around the world and can be heard on blog talk radio. Therese is also the author of The Legend of the Ancient of Days, an illustrated spiritual odyssey for children and adults, and she co-authored two breakthrough books on spiritual psychology, Why We Do What We Do: Four Pathways to your Authentic Self and The Psychology of success, Awakening to Your Higher Self. Therese facilitates workshops and retreats and is a mother of four young children.