Have you ever heard these statements, or said them yourself, “It is not my fault, it really wasn’t me!” or “He drove me to do this.” What does this sound like to you? It sounds like denying responsibility for your actions

Accountability! That is a foreign word to most people and especially to the governments of the world. We see it many times in the media where people appear to perform unethical and criminal acts and then deny they had knowledge of the act. When they are confronted with irrefutable evidence of the act they come out with the usual spin; we are sorry, we will put this to rest, and move forward. Nonsense. What is so hard to admit an error of judgment? The fallout of denying the accountability for you actions can be much worse than making the choice to take full responsibility for what you have done.

Why Be Accountable

What gives you and me the right not to be held accountable for our actions? Let’s say you commit an act of unfaithfulness to your partner, and they find out and they lose control. You caused this reaction by your actions. You are accountable for this event. So by being accountable will the possible crazed reaction by your partner not happen? By admitting fault and accepting accountability for your action you will at least make the situation truthful and honest. Does this make the act acceptable? Of course not. But at least you are not making matters worse for yourself by embracing the denial and dismissal syndrome. Nonetheless, if you had thought through the consequences of your actions prior to committing the act you would have realized that you would be held accountable for any consequences that came from your behavior.

I am sure we have all denied responsibility for an actions at one time or another in life, but by being accountable to others in your life you will feel less comfortable carrying out the actions that put you in the spotlight of accountability in the first place. In plain terms, you will think twice before you act!

• Do you have a conscience?
• Ever had the lousy feeling of a guilty conscience?
• Do you want to feel inwardly decent or do you prefer to feel lousy?

You may think you can still get away with things in life it! You may feel like you don’t need to be accountable because the legal system or others can’t prove a thing—innocent until proven guilty as they say. This thought process is very limited and extremely naive in terms of universal thinking. With all the modern technology available today people’s behaviors are often exposed sooner rather than later.

Accepting Accountability

Did you know that there are no secrets in the universe?

• Do you believe in life after death in some form or another?
• Do you think your past loved ones or some others are watching over you?

So logically there are a few loved ones and perhaps others who see the events in your life unfolding, both here and possibly in other dimensions. If you realize that your life is not a secret then you may be less than willing to perform a certain act. Now remember to live your life with all you’ve got, just think before you commit an act about whether it is truly going to be worth the price you will have to pay.

To be more accountable in life doesn’t mean that you admit to your actions and all is well. It is to realize you will be held accountable for this action one way or the other. Good or bad, loving or cruel, honorably or dishonorably . . . the choice is all yours.

Author's Bio: 

Radio Show Host &Author of the Universal Learning Series. Sandy Andrew was born in the Scottish town of Paisley. He has lived, worked, and studied globally in Scotland, England, South Africa, and the USA.

Sandy currently resides in Kansas City, USA, with his wife and daughter.