Early in the career of the dawn mammals, in the treetop abode of a superior pair of these agile creatures, twins were born one male and one female. Compared with their ancestors, they were really handsome little creatures. They had little hair on their bodies and this did not hinder them, since they lived in a warm and equable climate.

These children grew to be a little over four feet in height. They were in every way larger than their parents, having longer legs and shorter arms. They had almost perfectly opposable thumbs. They walked upright, having feet almost as well-suited for walking as those of the later human race.

Their brains were inferior, smaller than human beings, but very superior to and much larger than those of their ancestors. The twins early on displayed superior intelligence and were soon recognized as the heads of the whole tribe of dawn mammals, really instituting a primitive form of social organization and a crude economic division of labor. This brother and sister mated and soon enjoyed the society of twenty-one children much like themselves, all more than four feet tall and in every way superior to the ancestral species. This new group form the nucleus of the so-called, mid-mammals.

When the numbers of this new and superior group grew great, war, broke out and continued until not a single individual of the pre-existent and ancestral race of dawn mammals remained alive.

And now, for fifteen thousand years, this creature became the terror of this part of the world. All of the great and vicious animals of former times had perished. The large beast native to these regions were not carnivorous, while the large species of the cat family, lions, and tigers, had not yet invaded this peculiarly sheltered nook of the earth’s surface.

Compared with the ancestral species, the mid-mammals were an improvement in every way. Even their potential life span was longer, being about twenty-five years. A number of rudimentary human traits appeared in this new species. In addition to the innate tendencies exhibited by their ancestors, these mid-mammals were capable of showing disgust in certain repulsive situations. They further possessed a well-defined hoarding instinct; they would hide food for subsequent use and were greatly given to the collection of smooth round pebbles and certain types of round stones suitable for defensive and offensive ammunition.
These mid-mammals were the first to exhibit a definite construction capability by building both treetop homes and their many-tunneled subterranean retreats. Their subterranean retreats provided safety, when needed, and they slept in their treetop homes at night.

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