A real true friend sent this to me. She is going through a lot with a husband who is unfortunately being taken slowly by cancer. Patti is hanging in, hanging on, and despite all that is happening to her and around her, she is so often there for others.
This small piece of prose is part of her daily battery charge, and I find so much meaning in it as I face my own challenges.
I am unique and irreplaceable

“My personality with all its quirks, foibles, and eccentricities, is a perfect expression of God energy moving into the world. I cherish my individual expression of divine life. I acknowledge that I am uniquely designed to bring certain energies into play in an innovative and beneficial way for all. There is something in my own creative makeup that is necessary to the good of the world. I am designed specifically to make a unique and meaningful contribution. There is a beauty and purpose to my precise personality. I am not an accident, a mistake, or a haphazard collection of influences. I am a self evolving and important energy which brings to the world a precise and important healing medicine. My influence and impact on others is a matter of large consequence. . Believing in this is not a matter of ego. It is recognition of the divine plan which embraces us all. I am pivotal and important part of this plan. My actions and attitudes have weight and consequence. As I consciously and creatively come into my full flowering. I bring the best and the brightest of myself as blessings into the world.”

There is a message here that I wish could be infused into every human being, and the reality of this message could shine through all of us.
In coaching others, this message clearly presents what I hope each client finds through our work together. How better to describe “awakening” than full flowering? And I do know that my purpose is because “I am a pivotal and important part of this plan” and to many, I have brought a precise and important healing medicine. That which is me.
When things are not going exactly how I think they should, and I am wondering such thoughts as “what did I do to deserve this?”, something comes along that is exactly the right thing at the right time.
This piece of prose was just that, and I hope those of you who see this find that it touches you, and that you save it for your moments.
To those considering recovery from addiction, read this with thought. The hope in this message is unbelievable and you too can feel this way!

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Keith Bray is a Life Transformation Coach and Addiction Recovery Mentor located in Markham, Ontario.Web site is www.hopeserenity.ca