What is it about change that makes us uneasy. What is it about the thought of being alone that keeps spouses together when one finds the other cheating? What is it about a new job that keeps people at jobs where they can't advance or will never get ahead? What is it about new challenges that causes us to (often) find excuses to prolong taking the first step? It is not until you embrace the fact that change is a way of life that you will discover how amazing it can be to be alive. Things do not always stay as they are unless you work very hard to keep them that way. Instead of trying to remain the same we must "adapt" to the change. You have to choose to live life aggressively and not to just get by. Stop making excuses and complaints and just go for it. We were not put on this Earth to just get by. We are here to do great and amazing things. Your life will be all the different for it.

Author's Bio: 

Carlos Amador is a life coach. His goal is to make a difference in people's lives for the better by showing them that they can achieve their life long goals.