Ever wonder what you need to know and do to live your best, most amazing life?

Some people make it look so easy. They’re happy most of the time, have interesting jobs that they love, plenty of money to do what they want and freedom for fun on a regular basis. If something “bad” happens they seem to recover quickly and get back on track fast.

So what do you do if you’re not one of those people? Wonder no more. There are very specific things you can do right now to get your life on track and keep it there long term. None of these things are new, but using them together packs a powerful get-your-life-on-track-and-keep-it-there punch.

To live your best and most amazing life, day in and day out, takes focus, commitment and action. It also takes information. After all, you can’t be expected to drive a car without first learning how to drive. So how can you live your best, most amazing life if you haven’t learned how to yet?

The good news is you can learn. Below are five steps you can take to get your life on track sooner, rather than later. Do these five things and your life will begin to feel better and more purposeful and you’ll be on your way to creating a life you love. Next week I’ll introduce Part 2 of this checklist.

1. Create SPACE in your life.

It’s hard to create a life you love if you’re burdened with too much stuff; emotional and physical clutter.

Work at clearing the clutter in your life. Deal with your emotional issues and get rid of all the extra stuff you have in storage, closets – everywhere!

By doing so you’ll free up energy that you can then use to go after your dream.

2. Become incredibly GRATEFUL.

What you focus on expands. If you’re using most of your time focusing on things you don’t like, guess what? You’ll see more of (and attract more of) things you don’t like!

Implement a gratitude practice. Every day find at least five things you can be grateful for. Soon enough you’ll shift your attention to your blessings in life, rather than what you perceive is missing from your life.

3. Take 100% responsibility

Nothing will really happen for the better until you’re willing to take 100% responsibility for your life and all you create in it.

Stop the blame game. No more pointing fingers. You are responsible for your life. No ONE, or no THING will ever make you happier or more successful than you can make yourself.

4. Focus on your FEELINGS

Most of us spend so much of our time “doing” that we get lost in the “doing” and forget that a rich life experience has much more to do with how we “feel” about our life, then it does with what we “do” with our life.

How do you want to feel about your life? Answer that question and then find the things you can do that will generate the feelings you desire.

5. Create a VISION for your life

Once you know how you want to feel about your life, create a vision for your life.

What will you BE, DO and HAVE in your life?

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