For most people on they spiritual journey, it’s been long and bumpy roads. Knowing what we want isn’t always easy and knowing how to get there is sometimes even more mysterious. A good question to begin with is ‘where are you now as opposed to where will you be next week?’ By creating and continuously reuniting with your desire, you create fruition. You become more attuned to your desire, making it easier for you to grasp it.

We all experience ups and downs in life. Have you ever been able to experience something that was not in your essence? We cannot experience what we don’t think about or pay attention to.

Where we focus our attention controls where we will be even in the next few moments. Are you stuck, or attuned in your present situation, feeling trapped or hurt? Or are you becoming aware that you can provide a different transformative thought?

Our thoughts are producers of feelings, they direct our future awareness and therefore attract our everyday factors, making it easier to understand that we are incredible creators merely by moving our thoughts and emotions. For our own self-worth, this also requires that we pay attention to what it is we want out of each and every day. Are you worthy of having a day that runs smoothly or are you destined to have things happen that disturb your internal equilibrium?

I have a friend who is building and maintaining a very nice jewelry manufacturing enterprise. She knows she wants to be successful at what she does and yet she is unhappy with where she is going. Her business partner knows where he wants to go, but it’s not in the same direction as hers. I asked my friend one day, "In the beginning of your venture, when you imagined how successful you would be and all the little details, what was it like?" She realized that she had shifted her ideals and made so many compromises that she felt as if she wasn’t in charge of her progress anymore. By reuniting with her desire, including how she wanted to feel, she was able to get back on track with her own success.

There are things that we all can do to make our days and nights a little more easier and productive. Following a daily practice of reuniting with our desires can comfort the equilibrium of our true self.

By following these simple measures, you can create a stunning picture of who you are, who you want to be and where you want to be.

1. Make it a daily practice to reconnect with your essence. If you’re not feeling as good as you would like to about your circumstances, connect with your inner advisor through meditation and self-hypnosis. Create a Temple of Wisdom within your mind and invite the all wise and all knowing part of you to communicate with you.

2. Think often about what you would like and how you would like to feel and then illuminate it to spirit. Surround your positive intentions with the purest form of illumination and allow for the Universe to help bring it forth.

3. Do you feel worthy of your desire? If not, it will take a long time to come into fruition if it ever does. If you feel that your desire is difficult to accomplish, journal about why you feel it’s so hard and why you can’t have it. At the same time, write simple phrases such as "Even if it is difficult, I can and will accomplish my goal." Bridging toward more positive thoughts is helpful in creating a more positive outlook and can help you move forward toward your desires.

4. Be thankful that you are taking steps to fulfill your truest and purest desires. You can create something good for yourself. Be thankful that the Universe is such a wonderful and willing co-creator and will help you bring about your desires as graciously as you allow for them.

By taking a few simple measures like these, you can ensure your progress toward your desires and outcomes. Make everyday a masterpiece of art, where you decide and create how you want to experience it. Then commit to what you have chosen and watch how beautifully you can transform your daily existence.

Author's Bio: 

Amy Hale is a Certified Hypnotherapist, specializing in Medical and Advanced Hypnotherapy. She is the owner of Changing Lanes, Ann Arbor, MI and can be contacted through her website at