To me, the simple answer to this question is yes. The complex answer, another yes!
In both my recovery to a more abundant and joyous life, and my reaching fulfilling work (and golf results), goal setting is a key. If I don’t have targets, write them down, and measure against them, how will I benchmark progress?
In my coaching practice, helping others identify and set realistic goals is an essential part of what I do. Most need help to clarify what it is they really want. In my “service” work, it is my expectation that sponsees will set goals for themselves, write them down, and refer to them. I also apply this to my own life, and the use of a daily checklist is an essential part of this. My daily activity and execution dictates my progress!
For me, setting goals is critical and writing them down makes them real. Daily, I have a list of things “To Do” that includes keeping balance in my life and getting projects priorized and moving the peanut up the hill. As a coach, I’ve got a responsibility to review my client files before sessions and follow up on the goals my clients have set.
While I am sure that many feel they can make progress without written goals, those who incorporate goal setting and review into their lives seem to be better able to move forward. Funny, it even works for improving things like your golf game and career development!
As I prepared for a client meeting this morning, it struck me and reminded me of the critical importance of not only setting realistic goals, but keeping them in front of you and measuring on a frequent basis.
Have I got the written goals that will deliver what I expect out of my life?

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Certified Life Coach