When I say I'm an Authentic Leadership Coach I'm often asked: What is an Authentic Leader? The answer I feel, is universal - we're all Leaders within. This is the place of Sovereignty for us - where we always have the opportunity to be conscious and aware of who we are, what really matters to us and the life we will create. Authentic Leadership then, is knowing your True Self and having your actions and behaviors follow in line with that unique truth.

So, know yourself (very old wisdom, indeed) and act accordingly. While so easy to say, this can be very challenging to live. Our culture is very powerful and has many agendas for us that don't connect to our authentic self. How do you remain clear in the face of this non-stop bombardment of values and direction that aren't your own?

For me the best way to stay connected and honor who I am comes from spending time in the natural world. It is here that I remember that I am not alone. I am a part of something much, much bigger than myself. I hold a sacred spot in the community of life. We all do. Each one of us brings our unique offering to the world. Without it, there is loss; something missing from this puzzle called Life. Here in the Mystery, the great unknown of a world that goes so far beyond our 5 senses, we are meant to be who we truly are. Not a watered down version... not a copy of everyone else... not the holding back, safe, afraid to step out self.

When I step into the natural world to deepen my relationship to my authentic leader within, I am met by the magic of all that is.
I take a journey - no matter if it's an hour or a week - to listen and engage with the wisdom of everything. Flowers, burned out tree stumps, turtles, mud - they all speak to me when I am open and willing to listen. They too hold their place in the circle of life and share a piece of my truth with me, mirroring my Soul.

This is my Quest then - to go solo into the beauty and awesome power of Nature. To take a magical journey and seek the inner truth that is mine alone. To find the learning that I know is ready to come forth - even if it's scary and will mean changes ahead - I can see that it has come to me because it's time to grow my Authentic Leader. To stretch and become even more of who I am.

We all live busy lives and carving out personal time is a challenge for many. When I take on a Big Picture perspective though, I can see the value and importance of unhooking from all my commitments and allowing myself to just Be. When I make my own development important, I can say, “I am choosing to pay attention to grow my awareness and become a better Me.” I get restored and refreshed – leaving behind guilt and resentment – and can return to my world as the True Authentic Leader I am!

Will you become a seeker of your truth? What would compel you to do this? What next step of growth is calling you onto your path? What scares you about it? I'd like to hear from you - perhaps you'd like a loving and objective heart to sit beside you? How can I support you?

Contact me if I can support you on your way. I am committed to your journey as an Authentic Leader!

Author's Bio: 

Victoria FittsMilgrim, PCC directs True Life Coaching & Retreats in Durango, CO. With over 25 years in the field of personal transformation she has been a Certified Coach/Retreat Leader since 2002. Her retreats offer a safe, loving and fun environment to come home to your True Self. Whether working with Victoria via 1:1 coaching, group coaching or taking one of her unique, nature-based retreats, she is the real deal when it comes to sustainable and positive personal change.
Find out more about Victoria and her retreat offerings for 2009 at www.truelifecoach.net or email her at Victoria@truelifecoach.net. You can also subscribe to her monthly, free e-newsletter Stories from the Sanctuary. There is still room to join the Quest for Your Authentic Leader Retreat August 9-14, 2009!