Many people today are not living there true self. Many people believe certain things about themselves, but it rarely shows up in their actions. Between beliefs and actions are a person's values. What do you value? If you truly value it, then it will show up in your actions. You may say you value something, but that does not mean you do. Values have little to do with talk, but everything to do with walk. For example, you may say you value your car, but if you never wash it or take it in to the auto mechanic for maintenance, then you do not truly value your car. You may say you value your spouse, but if you do not spend quality time with them you do not value them. You are only fooling yourself. Values are your core beliefs and they show up in your actions. You will live out what you value.

Be honest with yourself; are you really living your true self? If not, what are you going to do about it? Do you get frustrated and angry easy? This could be because you are not living out your desired values. After examining yourself you may realize you have some values you do not particularly like. The good news is you can change your values. Remember, values deal with how you act and you can change how you act. In other words, if you thought you valued honesty, but after inspecting yourself you see dishonesty actually shows up more often than you would like; you can change that. The first step to change is being honest about what your values are right now. Identify the ones that you do not want to be a part of your life. One way you can identify present values is by looking at what things, people, and places are most important in your life right now. Then ask yourself what benefits these things, people, and places bring to your life. What benefit do you receive from them? The things you value will show up more than once. Another way to see what your values are is simply by realizing what values are expressed in your daily life. You can also ask family members or close friends to tell you what they believe you value. They know you best and have seen your life up close and personal. Identifying your values is not too tough, but making the changes you want will be the challenging part. My suggestion would be to find a close friend or family member who can help hold you accountable to the changes you desire to make. If you do not have someone that can fulfill the role, you might consider hiring a life coach. A life coach's specialty is getting an individual from where they presently are to where they desire to be. You can visit for more information about coaching.

Remember, you have the power to change your values. Don't waste another moment being frustrated, angry, or sorrowful. Begin changing your values from what they are to what you desire them to be. When you are living your true self you enjoy life more. You look forward to life more because you will surround yourself with people, places, and things that help you express your values. Start on your journey to living your true self today!

Author's Bio: 

Josh Perez is a certified professional life coach who specializes in helping people identify, set, and achieve goals in their personal and professional life.