There are topics that in accordance with its purity are extremes of the same condition. There are so opposed as day and night.

The topic is submissiveness. In its most strict sense, it is commitment, loyalty, surrender. It is also the participation without self questioning. The submissive person is not because of lack of will, criterion or reasoning. This person rather chooses the cooperative attitude and likes to help and cooperate. But if this definition is twisted, this person becomes a fanatic, obsessive or on the contrary, hypocrite, false and manipulative.

Here, we found these two persons at the door of a temple of wisdom and spiritual orientation. One of the persons was thinking : " I found the fountain of knowledge, now I will be able to grow, cooperate and to give the best of myself. I will make my best effort even to the noble sacrifice but I will not lose the seed of knowledge. I, then, will make it germinate, I will exalt and dignify it for the service and glory of the whole universe. "

While the other person had other thoughts: " Oh what a wonderful opportunity. Now everybody will view me as God and I will be as a star giving light to everything. They all will follow my indications and I will be able to express my deepest wishes. I will become a sovereign and will learn from this art, how to serve myself with the largest profit and from others I will demand discipline and strictness so they learn the value of knowledge. I will be high, unreachable like infinity."

It happened that both were called and were told : " To enter this temple is necessary that you open your hearts and free them from any impurity, not even the smallest stain of selfishness can stay. Because the truth is like the light of the dawn that illuminates for everybody, be rich or poor, king or subject, alive or dead. And for this purpose, I will ask you only one question and accordingly, you can take an step forward.
The question is : Who is the one who serves? "

One of the persons answered : " The one who serves is the one who knows the most and his science may not be in the word fortune but in his heart, which is very rich. This person has a wealth which is even larger : Sharing the happiness of the heart."
The other person replied : " The one who serves has much and serves, he has so much that he gives some to the others. And in this way, he keeps everyone happy. The one who has should try to get more and the one who does not have, should learn to appreciate. The one who serves, lives in abundance, since if we don't have, how can we give ? I want to have a lot and then I will give some."

And they both were told : " Submission, certainly has to do with to give and to receive. But is also true that the heart must be open not to look for benefits but rather to realize that the only benefit will be to serve. Then, here is the decision: The first voice must go and never come back. The second voice, the one who wants riches and power, who has turned submission into a throne and crown, must come and enter the temple. And once that he enters, the doors and windows will be closed and he must open his ears, mind, eyes and heart until he starts to learn in this temple. He will only be able to go out very few times "

When the first voice was gone and the second voice had entered the temple, a question was asked to the one who had reached the decision : " I don't understand what has happened here. The first one seemed to be ready and best prepared . How come that he has been asked to leave ?"

And the one who reached the decision said : " Oh, listen, the answer is easy. This is a temple of knowledge, where truth is exalted and taught. But tell me, who do come to this temple ? The ones who needs to know. And who do leave the temple ? The ones who already learned all. Then, the first voice is like a mature bird, his heart is forged and he is able to fly alone. Wherever he may go, he will share the knowledge. He has not touched this temple but he already knows as much or even more. Why to keep him here ? He has his own light because the lips of his heart already kiss submission. While the other one, does not even have a feather. He does not know anything, he is blind, dumb even sick of ambition, lust and selfishness. He must stay. He does not yet know all that he needs to know. It may take a long time, maybe his whole life. But here we are, the ones born to teach. If you think that the first one must had been admitted you still think that knowledge is the result of repetitive study and you don't understand that the soul learns not by repetition, that the teaching is engraved and the understanding of knowledge arises from the own being.
In this temple, nobody will be able to find anything that does not truly come from his own being. That is the reason of asking the question about submission. This is the unique and only fertile ground from where the flowers and fruits of true wisdom, justice and Love, will spring forth."

Author's Bio: 

Oscar Basurto Carbonell is a well known international lecturer, Spiritual Teacher and Healer. Poet and author of innumerable writings related to Self Knowledge, Healing, Art for Good Health, Meditation and Spiritual Science, are some of his subjects. He has been painting since his early years. And has a great knowledge on the ancient science of techniques and designs of the Sacred Geometry, on the Ancient Symbols and on Healing Energy. His works are energy and poetry in movement that take us to walk on the spiritual paths and to receive energy of life and healing. His art is essence and substance of life. The artist has received special recognition for his humanitarian work helping charitable and ecological institutions. His exquisite artworks are named Mystic Healing Art and may be appreciated in his main website where thousands of artworks are exhibited in the virtual galleries.