It is important to explore different pragmatic approaches to life's problems. We all know there is no one right way to life issues. We actually do ourselves and the world we live in a disservice when we are closed minded or one track minded.

There are as many ways to tackle a problem as there are differences in all of us. I have my opinions and I recognize that others have theirs which may sometimes differ from mine. That is the aspect of life that I find infinitely intriguing.

By sharing our attitudes and differences, we become fully informed, optimally functioning citizens. When we understand why we do the things we do, the way we do them, we learn to respect, admire and accept each other for his or her unique value.

My thinking is that we invariably affect each other's lives in this sphere. If one is happy, one will be a better person to the people in his or her life. Happiness is infectious, just as our sadness brings everyone around us down.

I strongly believe that the root of all our issues in life is lack of self love. We thrive when someone loves us and when they withdraw that love, intentionally or otherwise, we become melancholic.

We can learn to trust ourselves, have confidence in ourselves and for that, one has to be happy with oneself as one is made. Each one of us is original and unique and has to appreciate and value that fact.

Everyone has to learn to love him or her self for who she/he is. We should spend a lot of quiet times alone to find out who we really are - not who others told us we are or should be. We must each define ourselves as we feel. What are we all about? Why are we the way we are? Why do we like the things we like?

We each have to learn to enjoy our own company. Change what we can, adapt to the rest and find out our real purpose in this journey of life.

There are too many confused human beings in the world today. Life was not even meant to be so hard. We have to find out what really matters in the final analysis. Are we living spiritually fulfilled lives?

Of course, there are different strokes for different folks. Whatever works for you is alright with me. If your life is enriched and joyful, you have nothing to worry about. I would hope that, at the least, you will find my thoughts interesting if not informative.

Nobody can argue with the fact that we need to invest the time in ourselves to discover ourselves. We have to let go of negative energies that keep us down. Guilt is a useless emotion. We have to forgive others and especially forgive ourselves for past misdeeds.

It is never too late to start having a new attitude to life. One can only change oneself. It is not going to happen overnight. Change takes time. The first step is a simple determination to change. It is entirely up to us. No matter what happened in the past, the future will always be greater.

When we finally love ourselves, we are set for life because we will never withdraw that self-love from ourselves. We begin to thrive, we radiate love and peace. We consequently attract love and understanding hence we achieve balance in our lives.

Love, Light and Peace,

Author's Bio: 

Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Rehabilitation Consultant, Author of 3 books: Innocence Interrupted; Till Cheating Do Us Part; and A Slice of Africa