Believing In You!
Over the weekend, I was asked by a friend about the similarities of people I coach on “Life” issues and in the area of addictions. Throw in people I work with on a “service/volunteer” base and there is one huge area in common.
Those who are struggling or are not at a happy point in their lives do not believe in themselves. I got the following article from Dr. Randin Brons, the man who formally taught me to coach, and a man who has a large successful practice on the west coast.
“Believe in your own success
"What you believe yourself to be, you are." -- Claude M. Bristol

Do you believe, deep down inside of you, that you can succeed in what you want to do?

Beliefs are strong, and they have the power to attract what is believed to us. If we doubt our ability to succeed, if we in fact believe we WON'T succeed, then sure enough, that's what will happen.

What do you believe about yourself? You have the power to change your beliefs, and that will change your outcome. Set goals you believe you can accomplish. Your beliefs will shape your actions. As you achieve these goals, you'll begin to believe you are capable of succeeding and of doing even more.

"It is better to believe than to disbelieve; in so doing you bring everything to the realm of possibility."
-- Albert Einstein

"Believe it can be done. When you believe something can be done, really believe, your mind will find the ways to do it. Believing a solution paves the way to solution." -- Dr. David Schwartz
Certified Coaches Alliance,
With all people I work with in a “helping” role, there is a set of basics I use. The goal? To get the “client” to find the strengths within, strengths each of us have. Once found, the client must believe in them and harness them to achieve their goals.
When you believe in yourself, you take away the personal limitations you have put in your own way! Footprints to success can be found at

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