Energy based approaches to health and healing use light touch or hands off the body to influence the energy fields that surround our bodies. All levels of a person are affected through this process-emotional, mental, and spiritual as well as the physical well-being of an individual. The whole person is addressed, not just the symptoms.

Studies have shown that energy based therapies help to decrease anxiety, depression and enhance moods. In addition to increase joy, vigor, contentment and affection, it also is beneficial in decreasing guilt, hostility, anger and fear.

Among other physical benefits are: slowed breathing and heart rate, lowers blood pressure and creates relaxation. Deep inner peace, self-empowerment, improved sense of well-being are other comments that people often express after having an energy-based session.

Essential elements to healing include a positive attitude and a connection to life and spirit. Positive thoughts strengthen energy flow, negative thoughts weaken it. Constant thoughts about illness and personal problems inhibit the effect, whereas thoughts about something pleasant are beneficial. A person needs to be open to the possibility of obtaining health and wellness. If they approach the session with an attitude that it will not work, then it probably will not work.

The client and practitioner come together energetically to facilitate the clients health and healing that creates a heart-centered and caring relationship in a nurturing environment. The practitioner acts as a facilitator to restore harmony and balance in the clients energy field, assisting the client in their path of self-healing.

Use of energy based therapies is increasing in conventional health care and compliment traditional therapies.

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For some people suffering with symptoms of PTSD, chronic stress, abuse, trauma, illness or accidents, the emotions of anger and fear are held in our bodies in our emotional brain...energetic trauma release techniques can help to release those "emotional triggers" and re pattern the brain with peace and calm. Sue offers classes to help dealing with these symptoms, getting to the root cause.

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Sue became involved with Healing Touch in 1998 and received her certification as a Healing Touch practitioner in 2002. She is also a Certified Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, a Reiki Practitioner, and a Quantum Touch Practitioner. She uses energy-based therapies for trauma release work with success for people suffering with PTSD or for anyone who has had a traumatic experience in their lives. She has been a guest speaker for numerous organizations, as well as presenting at state conferences. Sue has written articles on energy work for alternative and complementary newsletters and online publications.

She has developed material and has been a trainer for education classes for child care, stress management seminars and subtle body energy workshops. She has been able to integrate energy based therapies into local hospitals operating and recovery rooms as well as providing these therapies to newborn babies at a local hospital. As a volunteer at health fairs and cancer survivor retreats offering energy based therapies, Sue has gained experience in dealing with a variety of health challenges.

Sue teaches Care for Self and Subtle Body Energy classes at a local career College and has helped conduct workshops with local hospitals and hospice for caregivers. She is in private practice in Louisiana. She is available for distant healing sessions.
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