If you don't know where, you're going, how are you supposed to get there? Obvious, isn't it? It's obvious all right but few actually have an intention for everything they do.

Do you have an intention for everything you do?

Do you start your day and spell out for yourself your intention for your day and each of your day's activities?

Do you ever get to the end of your day or your week, look back and say, I sure didn’t get much accomplished today or this week?
If you're not accomplishing much, or accomplishing as much as you would like to accomplish, it's probably because you are intention-less. You're not having an intention for everything you do.

Having an intention for everything you do is a habit well worth developing.

Consider this. Everything you do turns out as you intended when you have an intention for everything you do. You are the sailor of your boat. Set your sails for where you want to go.
Set your sails at the start of your day.

Phrase your intentions as you would a goal. Intentions are mini goals. "I allow myself to…(fill in the blank)." Be sure your intention is definite and clear. Set your sails exactly and you will arrive exactly where you decided to go.

Set your intentions for your day and each of your activities during your day. Write a simple statement for each activity you intend to accomplish during your day. It's easy. It takes seconds. It gets you where you intend to go.

Be the sailor of your boat and trim your sails.

"Trim your sails" means to set your sails precisely to take advantage of the wind and have control of your boat. As your day goes forward, the winds may change direction. Re-set your sails. Take advantage of the wind. Revise your intentions as needed through your day.

Keep an eye on your sails. Keep an eye on your intentions. When the wind shifts during your day, shift your intentions. Take full advantage of changed circumstances. Re-trim your sails through your day.

Setting your sails is the way to make your journey through your day and your life the most efficient. You arrive at your port successfully with energy to burn when you keep your sails trimmed.

Say, "I allow myself to…(fill in the blank)" Allow is a powerful word. Can you feel it? It is definite. It takes no energy. You do not have to do anything to allow the result you would like to have. Allow yourself.

Set your sails. Set your intention for everything you do beginning with, "I allow myself to have an intention for everything I do, with ease.

Have an intention for everything you do and everything you do will turn out exactly as you intended. Practice setting intentions for everything you do and you will get where you’re going.

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