Has anyone ever asked you what you want and you fumble for words and freeze? As a business owner, does the idea of someone asking you what you do leave you feeling queasy?

Is that because you can't clearly articulate what you want and/or what you really do?

If that's the case chances are you have a fear of getting specific...and you're not the only one!

For some reason it seems to be human nature to resist getting too specific about things you want in life. Perhaps it's a fear of what you'll sound like if you admit what you want or maybe it's a fear of choosing wrong or cutting yourself off from options.

So for a moment I want you to imagine the following.

Imagine you're a business owner and for the sake of this article you have a brick and mortar business on a busy street. Your brick and mortar business has a lovely façade and a very lovely door. You even have a sign on the door that reads, "I help solve problems!" Day after day you're excited to come to work because you know you can help a lot of people solve their problems. You wait and you wait but for some reason no one's coming to do your door.

So, you take a look outside and inspect the situation. Sure, there are plenty of people on the street. The front of your store looks fantastic. But suddenly you notice something. Even though your sign clearly states you help solve problems everyone on the street walks right on by. You notice some people glance up and read your sign, but keep right on walking.

One day you decide to stop one of the passersby and ask them,

"Say, I see you have a problem. I help solve problems. Why don't you come through my door?"

Somewhat irritated by your question the passerby snipes back,

"Listen buddy, I do have problems and I'm also really busy. I don't have TIME to figure out what problems you solve. I don't want to take the time to figure it out. But hey, if you know someone who can help me solve my money problems give me their number because I'll be first in line!"

And off he goes.

But wait you think. I can help you solve your money problems. I know how to do that. In fact, I'm really good at helping people solve their money problems. I could have helped that man.

That's when the lights start going on because you realize all of the passersby with problems couldn't possibly know you help people solve money problems because you don't tell them specifically that's what you do.

You remember someone telling you your sign should tell people you help them solve their money problems but you resisted that advice because you didn't want to turn away potential business.

But no one came. Even though you said you solve problems no one with problems walked through your gorgeous front door.

With your courage building you stop another passerby, this time a pleasant looking woman walking her dog.

"Say", you ask, "I see you have a problem and I solve problems, why don't you come through my door?"

The lady thought for a moment and then offered, "Yes, I do have problems. Lots of them in fact. Right now I have a problem because I want to lose weight. So I'm on my way to see Jennifer, she helps women lose weight. See, her business is over there and it says clearly on her front door she can help me lose weight in six months without dieting. Do you help women lose weight? I can't tell because you don't communicate that clearly on your door. I like the look of your door but I just don't have the time to figure out if you're someone who could help me solve MY problem so I walked on by. What do you do?"

Now the dots are connecting and you enthusiastically tell the women you help people solve their money problems.

Quickly the woman responded, "Really? WOW! That's great because I have money problems too and so does my friend Ann. Can we come by and see you together?"

The next day you remove your old door sign and replace it with a new sign that reads:

I'll Help You Solve All Your Money Problems Fast and Forever

As if by magic your door swings open with one new customer after the other. In fact, now you're so busy you're ready to hire employees because you can't keep up with all of the good fortune coming your way.

You also notice there are still lots of people on the street with other problems. Thank goodness other people can help them solve their problems because you're so busy helping people with this ONE problem you have more than enough business and always will.

Now, do you see why it's important to be specific? This business owner would have never attracted business because he wasn't clearly communicating what problems he solved for people. Because of that he wasn't helping anyone and that means he wasn't able to fulfill his divine life's purpose.

It pays to be specific. If you're a business owner remember these words of advice:

· A confused mind never buys. Your potential customers are BUSY (just put yourself in their shoes). They don't have time to figure out what you're really trying to tell them. Make your potential customer's lives easier by being as clear as you can about how you can help them.

· There can never be too many people solving the same problem. There are lots of streets in this world and lots of people who walk on them. You are here to serve...you have a gift to share. There is enough for everyone.

· Specialists always make more money. Serve a specific group of people and start by specializing in one of their problems. Many fortunes have been built by savvy business owners who embrace this idea. They do it for a reason...it works.

· The universe likes and needs you to be specific. If you're wishy-washy about what you want and what you do the magical forces of the universe cannot be set in motion. But, once you are specific it's as if the world begins to reconfigure itself to deliver your heart's desire.

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