Answer the following questions to determine how easy it is for you
to enter into a relaxed receptive state. Hypnosis enables one to focus
on positive helpful suggestions that can result in personal change. You
will never be forced to do anything against your will. The hypnotist is
your guide and your desire to allow positive suggestions to enter your
subconscious mind is within your control. Some people are more easily
hypnotized than others. To find out how easy it would be for you to be
hypnotized, take this quiz. (Choose A, B, or C.)

1. Close your eyes and imagine your favorite movie. How
clearly can you picture your favorite scene or actor?
A. Extremely well
B. Vaguely
C. Cannot get it

2. Suppose you had to travel a very far distance. What would you
choose to travel by?
A. Plane
B. Train
C. Your own car

3. You are on a diet and your favorite desert is in the kitchen. Do you
A. Leave it there
B. Take one bite
C. Finish it

4. Close your eyes and imagine a place or event that made you very happy.
How well can you re experience it?
A. Well
B. So-so
C. Barely

5. Your boss yells at you in front of co-workers. How well can you control
your emotions?
A. I’m in control and will not lose my temper.
B. I can tolerate it for a while
C. Blow up

6. How long in time?
A. Ten minutes
B. Closer to half an hour
C. At least an hour

Can You Be Hypnotized?

7. Imagine you are in love. How strong is your image or feeling?
A. Very strong or clear.
B. Somewhat strong or clear.
C. Not strong or clear at all

8. You are last off a bus and you find that someone has left his or her purse
containing a large amount of money. Assuming your intentions
are honest, you
A. Take it to the driver
B. Take it to the police
C. Take it and contact the owner

9. Finish this sentence: I daydream…
A. Frequently
B. Occasionally
C. Almost never

10. Think about a time or event when friends cheered or supported you.
Close your eyes and re-experience it. Was it
A. Easy to re-experience
B. You finally got it
C. Difficult or impossible

Scoring yourself
10 points for each answer A
5 points for each answer B
0 points for each answer C

50-100: You have a great imagination; you trust and have the ability
to let go. You are a natural for hypnosis and for reaping its benefits.
25-50: Allowing yourself to can get past your analytical approach and focusing
longer on the imaginary, will result in hypnosis becoming easier for you.
0-24: You are very analytical and are concerned about giving up control. It may
take longer than average to hypnotize you.

Anyone with an IQ over 70 and who has no misconceptions
or concerns about hypnosis, can truly be hypnotized.

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