The Mind, Body, Spirit evolution continues to grow by leaps and bounds. As we enter this new age of awareness with more people acknowledging the “oneness” of all living creatures and the environment, scientific research reveals proof that inter-cellular bio-communication exists. Though some of this information is still controversial at this time, spiritual leaders and some scientists are beginning to explore these ideas in an attempt to unite our globe toward the healing energy of positive thinking and alter the destructive energy of negative thinking.

Over the past thirty years, a series of experiments known as the “Backster Effect” measured bio-communication between diverse categories of cells. “Subtle energy” was measured. Cleve Backster, who was an expert with the polygraph machine, accidentally stumbled onto this amazing discover. The polygraph (lie detector) measures resistance of fluid beneath the skin. Backster tried to measure the time frame for plants to absorb water in an experiment using this machine. Backster was astonished to discover that individual plant cells reacted to a variety of stimuli that occurred in the lab.

Backster’s further experiments revealed amazing results that human emotion and intent caused measurable reactions in the cells of leaves, fruits, and vegetables. Plant cell reactions occurred in two sequences: a “flat-line” effect or a hyper-stimulus (saw-tooth pattern) response. These same cellular changes were also observed in response to emotionally-charged behaviors by animals and insects. The plants, fruits, and vegetables ceased their normal cellular responses in the presence of hostile thoughts and behaviors demonstrated by humans or animals in the lab, and when parallel materials were threatened, burned, scolded, or destroyed. This means that the plants sensed and reacted to other living organisms being mistreated. Scientists correlated this response to “Shock Syndrome” in humans which occurs when humans witness a violent crime, disaster, or traumatic experience even when they are not injured themselves. Further research revealed that plants have a discriminatory capability, which makes them able to distinguish between people with the intention to destroy plants from people who have the intention to have a enjoy them. These plant cells actually had memory of humans whom they witnessed destroy other plants in the lab. As the human “plant perpetrator” entered the room, the plant cells reacted with a hyper-stimulated (fear) response.

One study measured changes in yogurt that was kept in a glass case in the lab. The yogurt was exposed to a variety of emotional stimuli. Experiments revealed that extraordinary cellular reactions occurred when the yogurt was exposed to emotions such as anger and sexual chemistry. Scientists noticed that the cellular changes did not occur during intellectual discussions about the same emotion or to thoughts or discussions about past traumatic events. The physical changes only appeared when there were actual behaviors charged with emotional energy and intention occurring in the room.

From these experiments, scientists conclude that “subtle energy” changes become apparent under two distinct circumstances: 1) Only when behaviors, thoughts, or communication is emotionally charged or has serious intent; and 2) When there is some prior relationship (attunement) between the sender and the receiver of the emotional communication (at least 3 hours of exposure).

Backster continued to study a variety of cellular bio-communication activity. He collected human cells from donors’ mouth and sperm cells. Experiments proved that extracted cells reacted and continued to communicate with the donor’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors outside the body. In one experiment, sperms cells were kept in the lab while the donor was sent 300 miles away. The donor was assigned to watch a scary movie. Amazingly, the sperm cells in the lab, 300 miles from the donor, reacted with the “fear” hyper-stimulated response instantaneously as the donor responded in horror to the movie.

For some time now, scientists have postulated that some sort of intent-laden force field is transmitted between all living organisms through an unknown medium energy exchange. The fact that inter-species cellular communication exists represents an apparent universal nature of consciousness. This is proof that all living things are connected in some universal way. Therefore, when you hurt others (including and animals the environment), you are actually hurting yourself; and when you hurt yourself, you are actually hurting others. This information is extremely important in determining the outcome of our society as well as the direction of all future environmental issues. Moreover, human’s negative intentions and negative, emotionally-charged behaviors may play an intricate role in the manifestation of natural disasters.

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Cherie is a Holistic Minister and a Licensed Professional Counselor. Cherie is the co-owner of Lotus Holistic Life offering Life Coaching, Self-Help Workbooks, Holistic Products, and free articles as well as Lotus Life Mastery offering online clinical psychotherapy, clinical hypnosis, and more. Cherie most enjoys working with clients in transitional stages of development.